Top 10 Best Blocks For Toddlers 2022

Regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl, growing up, you most likely played with buildingĀ blocks.

In fact, there are blocks designed for younger children to enjoy as well as older kids, so you most likely had some blocks at some point while you were growing up.

You may have created buildings, furniture, orĀ animals, but always enjoyed playing with them. Now, you are looking for blocks for your toddler to enjoy, and you don’t know where to start.

In this guide, we are going to look at 10 of the best blocks for tots, but before we begin, let’s look at the different types of blocks that are available and why they would be a good option for your toddler.

Top 10 Blocks for Toddlers Comparison Table

PictureNameFeaturesRating (1-5)Price
Grimm's 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker - Nesting Wooden Waldorf Blocks, "Elements" of Nature: AIRVery smooth to touch.
Promotes creative thinking.
Vivid colors.
Durable wood
100 Piece Natural Wooden Building Block Set with Carrying Bag by Imagination GenerationGreat range of colors and shapes.
Made from solid wood.
Ideal size for little hands.
Schylling ABC Big Blocks - 48 Piece Wood Alphabet BlocksCombines education and fun.
Doesn't chip.
Easy clean up.
Click N' Play Non-toxic Foam Blocks, Building Block and Stacking Block, Amazing As Bath Toys, 60 Count with Carry ToteEasy to hold.
Multiple kids can enjoy at once.
Come with a tote to carry.
Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set - 18 piecesCan hold a small child's weight.
Can connect on all sides.
Great for indoor forts.
Classic Wooden Building Block Set - 100 Pieces - for Toddlers Preschool Age - Hardwood Plain & Colored Small Wood Blocks for Boys & Girls - Basic Educational Build & Play ToyPerfect size for small hands.
Storage bucket is included.
No rough edges.
Many colors and shapes.

Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks - Stackable Hollow Shape Block Toys - 7 Piece Set100 percent non-toxic.
Has bright, colorful design.
Rattle great for kids.
Blocks are large.
Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking BlocksConvenient for storage.
Material is very durable.
Great for letter/ animal/ color recognition.
Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Wooden Block Cart Educational Toy With 30 Solid Wood BlocksGreat for stacking.
Block set is very durable.
Colorful and easy to clean up.
Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 40 Blocks in 3 SizesCan hold the weight of a toddler.
Comes with 40 blocks.
Easy for little hands to stack.

What Type of Blocks for Toddlers Are There?

Toy blocks for kids vary quite a bit. Some are large and easy for little ones to handle, while others are small and designed to allow creative minds to really explore their imagination and create something amazing.

Alphabet blocks are wooden blocks that are designed for toddlers who are learning their alphabet, but some of these models also have numbers and images on them to help make learning fun. Mega Bloks are a great toy for smaller children to use because it can help them learn hand-eye coordination while they play. They are also large toys, so you don’t need to worry about your little one putting them in their mouth.

Duplo blocks are a little bit smaller, which means that they are a great step up when Mega Bloks are no longer a challenge. Then, as your child grows, they will graduate into Lego sets and more classic blocks that really offers them limitless building options.

Benefits of the Best Blocks for Toddlers

Blocks are a lot of fun for toddlers to play with, but that s not the only benefit to giving your toddler building blocks to play with. First, building blocks are a toy that is best shared with another. Toddlers need to learn how to play with others their age, so building blocks give them a reason to interact and cooperate with others. Some blocks can be tools for learning the alphabet and how to count as well.

Blocks are also great for a child’s imagination because they can build anything that they want in order to create a world for their dolls or action figures to live in. Outside of imagination, putting the blocks together can help your child improve their motor skills. It requires hand-eye coordination to grab the blocks and put them together, but it also is a great activity to stimulate the mind. When the blocks topple over, they will try to figure out why it happened and prevent it from happening again.

Downsides of Blocks for Toddlers

Blocks are great for toddlers, but there are some downsides that you should look into before you decide which is best for your tot. The size of the blocks matter; in fact, if you give your two-year-old a bunch of Lego blocks, they may become a choking hazard, so you will need to watch them closely with blocks that are so small.

For younger children, bigger blocks are best. Also, if you child likes to put things in their mouth, some blocks may have painted surfaces that you don’t want in their mouths. Large plastic blocks may be best, but there are also blocks that are made from softer materials that will not injure their gums.

10. Grimm’s 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker – Nesting Wooden Waldorf Blocks, “Elements” of Nature: AIR

The first set of blocks on our list is one that is created by Grimm’s Spiel and Holz Design. This is a wooden set of six blocks that are designed to fit together as a rainbow.

Each piece is painted a different color of the rainbow, and it is done with water-based paints that are non-toxic and safe for your little one to play with, even if they put the blocks in their mouth.

The wood has also been sanded to perfection so that splinters do not happen while your toddler is having fun. The pieces fit together perfectly because they are actually made out of the same wood, which means that the pieces of wood will expand together over the years.


  • The wood is very smooth to the touch.
  • This is a great block set to promote creative thinking.
  • The rainbow colors are very vivid.
  • It is crafted from a very durable wood that will last for years.


  • This set of wooden blocks is a bit small; in fact, it only comes with six pieces.

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9. 100 Piece Natural Wooden Building Block Set with Carrying Bag by Imagination Generation

This Imagination Generation block set contains 100 wooden pieces that are designed in five colors and nine shapes that can be useful for tuning your tot’s fine motor skills.

There are several wood colored blocks, but there are also red, orange, blue, and green ones that your child can enjoy separating and building with while they learn their colors. There are also nine unique shapes that are great for designing buildings or simply creating a tower that can easily be knocked over, sorted, and built again.

The wood has all been sanded so that it is smooth to the touch, and the blocks are coated with a layer of paint that will not chip as your little one plays. In addition, these blocks come with a convenient carry bag that you can just swing over your shoulder and take with you.


  • These blocks offer a great range of colors and shapes that a toddler will love.
  • The blocks are made from solid wood that is very durable.
  • These are the ideal size for little hands.
  • The paint is non-toxic.


  • It is quite difficult to put all of the blocks in the canvas bag that comes with the set.

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8. Schylling ABC Big Blocks – 48 Piece Wood Alphabet Blocks

These Schylling ABC blocks are another set of wooden toys for tots, but these ones are designed with expanding your child’s mind. The blocks are designed with letters of the alphabet on each side so that your toddler can learn their letters and how to create small words as they play.

Each block is painted in a primary color to draw your child’s attention, and the paint that is used on the blocks is non-toxic so that it is safe for your child to play with as long as they want.

Each block is 1.75 inches on all sides, which means that they are just the right size for a toddler to enjoy. It also comes with a convenient crate that gives you a place to store the blocks while they are not being used.


  • These are great blocks for combining education and fun.
  • The paint does not seem to wear or chip with time.
  • The wooden blocks are very durable.
  • Clean up is easy; in fact, kids will even put them in the storage box as they play.


  • The blocks have pointed corners, which can be dangerous for some kids.

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7. Click N’ Play Non-toxic Foam Blocks, Building Block and Stacking Block, Amazing As Bath Toys, 60 Count with Carry Tote

The next building blocks for toddlers on our list is the first wet that we are going to look at that is not constructed out of wood. Instead, the 60 blocks in this set are made from durable, non-toxic foam that is designed for children who have sensitive skin.

They are also great for children who like to throw thing because they cannot hurt themselves or others with these blocks.

These blocks are not all the same shape; in fact, there are 10 different shapes in the set that are all brightly colored so that they draw the attention of a little one.

Each block is actually two colors, but you can expect to see bright colors such as blue, yellow, orange, pink, green, red, and purple. In addition, these blocks are waterproof, which means that they can be enjoyed in the tub or in a small pool.


  • They are easy for a toddler to hold.
  • They are a great option for multiple kids to enjoy at once.
  • These blocks come with a tote to carry them in.
  • The waterproof feature makes them a great bath toy.


  • The shapes are not consistently cut, which can make stacking the blocks difficult.

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6. Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set – 18 pieces

The next blocks that we are going to look at are great for children who enjoy building forts in your living room because these blocks are quite large, which allows them plenty of space to crawl under then and imagine that they build a shelter of some kind.

These waffle blocks are designed with an interlocking design that makes it easy to put the pieces together, and they will remain secure unless you take them apart.

These are designed for little hands to use; in fact, no matter which side you try to connect, they blocks will interlock with each other with ease. There are 18 pieces in this set, which is enough to create a short tunnel for your tot to crawl through and enjoy.


  • Durable enough to hold a small child’s weight.
  • The blocks are very versatile; they can connect on all sides.
  • They are great for indoor forts.
  • These large blocks are a great option for toddlers to enjoy.


  • With only 18 pieces in the set, you may want to have two sets to really allow your toddler to express their creativity.

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5. Classic Wooden Building Block Set – 100 Pieces – for Toddlers Preschool Age – Hardwood Plain & Colored Small Wood Blocks for Boys & Girls – Basic Educational Build & Play Toy

This next set of blocks for toddlers is a classic wooden set that is full of colors, shapes, and building potential. There are 100 blocks in this set, so there are plenty for siblings to enjoy together.

The blocks are painted red, blue, green, yellow, and orange, but some of them remain the color of the wood so that your child can practice their colors as well as learn a little bit more about their shapes and how they can fit together.

The wood is crafted with detail to ensure that each piece is smooth and that it is a safe toy for your tot. In fact, the paint is non-toxic and the blocks are sized with toddlers in mind, so there is no danger to your little one.


  • The blocks are the perfect size for little hands.
  • A storage bucket is included for easy cleanup.
  • There are no rough edges to injure your tot.
  • There are quite a few colors and shapes in the set.


  • The blocks stain easily if they get wet.




4. Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks – Stackable Hollow Shape Block Toys – 7 Piece Set

The Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks are a little bit different from the blocks that we have looked at so far in this guide, but they are great for a toddler.

This is because the blocks are each filled with beads that move when your child is playing with them, which creates different sounds and tones that your child will enjoy.

There are seven blocks in this set, all of different sizes and coloration, and they are designed with see-through sides so that your tot can see the beads move as they play.

The blocks are designed to be stacked inside of a wooden frame, but they can be staked any way that they fit. This creates a puzzle for your little one to figure out; it is not difficult, but it is great for developing their mind as well as their motor skills.


  • It’s made from 100 percent non-toxic materials.
  • The rattle sound is great for a toddler.
  • They have a bright, colorful design.
  • The blocks are quite large, which makes it ideal for a youngster.


  • Since the front and the back of the frame are open, the smaller blocks tend to fall out as you try to stack them.




3. Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks

If you are looking for a great set of cardboard blocks that your toddler can play with, then these nesting and stacking blocks from Melissa & Doug are a great option.

The blocks, which vary in size, are designed to be easy to stack into a tower that is approximately three feet in height when all of the blocks are used. When the blocks are stacked in order from largest to smallest, your child will create a full alphabet that can help them with letter recognition

In addition, there are animals and objects on the other sides of the blocks to correspond with the letters on the 10 blocks. These blocks are even designed to stack inside each other so that they have less of a footprint in your home.


  • The blocks fold into one another for convenient storage.
  • The cardboard material is very durable.
  • It is a great tool for letter, animal, and color recognition.
  • The lightweight blocks are easy for little ones to carry.


  • The design on the outside of the blocks can come loose.

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2. Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Wooden Block Cart Educational Toy With 30 Solid Wood Blocks

These ABC blocks are great wooden blocks for toddlers. There are 30 blocks in the set, and each one features a raised letter or number that can help your child learn to count and learn the letters of the alphabet.

On the sides that do not have letters, you can find pictures of animals that your child can associate with the letters of the alphabet.

One of the best features of this block set is that it comes with a rolling cart that your child can store the blocks in and pull from the playroom to their bedroom if they’d like. If you purchase this block set, you can also get the cart personalized with your child’s name if you’d like.


  • These are great blocks for stacking.
  • The wood construction of the block set is very durable.
  • The set is quite colorful.
  • The wooden cart to carry the blocks is quite useful for cleanup.


  • The paint on the letters tends to fade over time.

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1. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks – 40 Blocks in 3 Sizes

One of the best features of these blocks for toddlers is their lightweight construction; even the youngest of children can easily lift these and stack them in the most creative of ways.

Melissa & Doug crafted these out of cardboard, but this is a thick cardboard that is very durable and the red blocks can actually hold up to 150 pounds of weight.These blocks are shaded in the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow, which are perfect for stimulating the senses of your toddler.

Also, the blocks sport brick patterns that will help your child start to form connections and help in brain development. This is a 40-piece set, which includes three sizes of blocks, will allow your child to build structures and to explore his or her imagination.


  • These durable blocks can hold the weight of a toddler with ease.
  • The red, blue, and yellow brick design creates a great look for a fort.
  • It comes with 40 blocks, which is more than enough for a toddler.
  • These blocks are easy for little hands to stack.


  • The blocks need to be assembled, so they cannot be played with right out of the box.

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Editors Choice of Best Blocks for Toddlers

Nothing is more fun for toddlers than building, and all of the block options above allow your tot to do just that, but one model stands out as the best. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks allow your kid to build a fort to play in with ease.

There are easy for a little one to carry, and the three sizes give your child endless creative options. For more cool toys for the little ones continue reading here!

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