Top 10 Best Cameras For YouTube 2022

Anybody can be a YouTube star as long as they have a video camera and something to say or show to the world.

There are so many different types of cameras for YouTube out there that we put together a guide to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing the right piece of equipment for you.

Now that there are so many different types of camera to choose from, there are number of video reviews that are full of information about features, pricing and usability.

Top 10 Best Cameras For YouTube Comparison Table


MARVUE Camcorder Full HD 1080p 20MP Digital Camera Portable Video Recorder 3 Inch Touch Screen Dual Memory Cards (M315) (HDV-M315)Interactive LCD panel, straight forward usage3$$

Digital Video Camera Camcorders With IR Night Vision 24.0 Mega pixels, WEILIANTE Portable Mini Handheld Camcorder HD 1080P Max. DV 3" LCD Screen 16X Zoom (Two Batteries Included)24.0 Megapixel, 16x zoom, IR night vision, additional picture effects3$$

SEREE HDV-520 Camcorder WIFI External Microphone Jack Input FHD 1080p 24.0MP 3.0" Screen 16X Digital Zoom Digital Camera Video Recorder (HDV-520-FBA)WiFi, infrared remote control, works with android and iOS devices3.5$$$

MARVUE Camcorder 24MP Digital Camera FHD 1080P Video Recorder 3" Screen Flash Light Full Frame Beauty Face Photo Shoot (HDV-G02)Extremely easy to use, lightweight, retractable flash light3.5$$

MARVUE 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera FULL HD 1080P 60fps 16MP Waterproof Digital Video Recorder For DivingWaterproof up to 30m, 4k Recording, 60fps3.5$$$

MARVUE 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera FULL HD 1080P 60fps 16MP Waterproof Digital Video Recorder For Diving3.0 inch touch screen, 16x zoom, 30 fps, smart phone can be used as remote4$$

ORDRO Wifi Camcorder Full HD 1080P Remote Control HDMI 18X Zoom Digital Night Vision Video Camera Webcamextreme night vision, WiFi, Mobile app support, electronic image stabilization, 18x zoom4$$$

ORDRO Wifi Video Camcorder HDV-Z20 Full HD 1080P Handheld Digital Camera DV with External Microphone8.0 Sensor, 24 megapixel, electronic image stabilization, external metal microphone, 4k recording4.5$$$$

HTRise Sports Action Vedio Camera, Full HD 4K 16MP Waterproof Diving WiFi Remote Control HelmetNumerous accessories, 2inch screen, waterproof case, 90 minute recording4.5$$
Besteker Portable Digital Video Camera HD 1080P 30FPS 24MP Support 64G SD Card Remote Control HDMI and USB Output Camera Recorder (HDV-Z8 plus)24 megapixel, anti shake technology, automatic power off, 2 hour recording, ultra light5$$

Using HD video with good quality sound improves the chances of your channel receiving hits as your audience will appreciate the professional approach.

The best cameras for YouTube will be reasonably priced, functional, portable and ideally full of features that will allow you to edit, process and upload videos for your audience to see.

With a range of products available that promise high frame rate recording, exceptional sound and the ability to function everywhere from bedrooms to the most extreme, underwater conditions, it can be a challenging decision to choose the right piece of kit for you.

Hopefully this guide will give you a good idea of the kind of products on the market and you can make an informed decision that means you get the most for your money.

What Type Of Cameras For YouTube Are There?

From large, heavier cameras that include additional microphones, lenses and other attachments, to small, all in one, portable devices that are ready to use out of the box, there are many different types of cameras for YouTube available on the market at the moment.

Some of the latest products work with existing go pro technology and many of them will work alongside mobile and tablet devices with the aid of an app.

The right camera for YouTube, depends on your needs so it is important to consider exactly which features you are looking for, how much you are willing to spend and most importantly, where and how you intend to use your camera.

Benefits Of The Best Cameras For YouTube

There are many benefits to buying a separate video camera for YouTube, especially if you want to improve the quality of your uploads.

By using a device that is portable, waterproof and durable, you can film content around the house, outdoors at events and anywhere you feel like.

Many of the best cameras for YouTube, now offer WiFi connectivity that allows you to quickly and easily upload your footage straight to your channel, meaning you can still keep up with your audience when you are travelling or on the move and away from a desktop or laptop computer

Downsides Of Cameras For YouTube.

Although there is a huge and diverse range of potential options available for would be YouTubers in the market for a digital camera, it is only fair to point out that the majority of laptops and indeed, mobile and tablet devices, now come with built in cameras for quick and simple recording.

The battery life on many digital cameras is less than three hours, meaning that they require charging regularly.

This is obviously not a consideration for integrated cameras. Some cameras also use additional software, apps and add-ons that are not included as standard, which can be confusing and not very user friendly for first time YouTubers.



10. MARVUE Camcorder Full HD 1080p 20MP Digital Camera Portable Video Recorder 3 Inch Touch Screen Dual Memory Cards (M315) (HDV-M315)

With a range of features, this camera can use micro SD or Standard cards of up to 32g. It is coloured brown as opposed to the tradition black, which gives it an unusual but stylish quality.

Aimed at the beginner, this camera is perfect for recording memories that are special to you, reviews and video blogs.

Included in the package is a high quality HDMI cable that can be used to connect to most TVs and laptops.

With a menu that is easy to navigate and clear, this is a simple but intuitive device that can be used straight out of the box without downloading additional software.

While filming or taking pictures, there is the option to switch between playback and record/photo modes quickly and easily, which means you can check the quality of your content before you upload it.

Complete with an interactive touch sensitive LCD panel that provides straightforward menu navigation with the ability to view and edit anything you’ve captured.

As one of the mid range priced models on this market, there are many positives for this camera, especially for the entry level user.

Providing a reliable and intuitive solution for recording YouTube videos, any would be vloggers, let’s play enthusiasts or amateur product reviewers can use this camera to upload their content to their channel.

There are very few downsides to this product, though the unusual brown colour may not be for everyone.

The device is also quite simple so if you are looking for something with a range of additional features, you may like to consider another option.




9. Digital Video Camera Camcorders With IR Night Vision 24.0 Mega pixels, WEILIANTE Portable Mini Handheld Camcorder HD 1080P Max. DV 3″ LCD Screen 16X Zoom (Two Batteries Included)

This practical and neat camcorder records footage at 24.0 Mega Pixels and comes with a digital zoom function capable of magnifying images by 16 times.

It also has IR Night Vision technology for use in conditions that may not provide adequate natural light as well as a function that fills in infrared light.

In addition to this, it will also take quality photographs and videos in black and white, even in darkness.

As well as the standard white balance and light exposure settings, there are a range of additional creative picture effects that allow the user to emphasize certain lighting conditions or colors to create different effects.

The camera will allow the user to store up to 32GB of videos and photographs and is lightweight enough to transport anywhere without a problem.

With a remote controlled face capture function, this is a feature laden model that offers a lot for the price and clearly qualifies as one of the best cameras for YouTube because of it.

It is shockproof and includes an internal microphone and speaker for quality sound recording.

Capturing footage at events involving lots of people, such as concerts, sporting events or gatherings, would be a great use for this product as it easily identifies faces, meaning you can focus on the people who really matter to you.

The battery requires an 8 hour charge before the camera can be used meaning that it is important to plan your recording sessions in advance.

This could be a down side for some people who prefer a quick and easy setup.

Although this is not the absolute best camera for uploading videos to YouTube if you are professional user, this is another good quality entry level model that will be more than adequate for the majority of users.




8. SEREE HDV-520 Camcorder WIFI External Microphone Jack Input FHD 1080p 24.0MP 3.0″ Screen 16X Digital Zoom Digital Camera Video Recorder (HDV-520-FBA)

As one of the slightly more expensive models on the market, this camera may put some people off because it has a higher price tag than some of its competitors.

It could be a little too complex for a beginner user but it’s range of features make it a good choice for those who want to give their YouTube video uploads an extra, professional edge.

With WiFi and infrared remote control, there is also an app that works with any android or iOS smart phone or tablet.

This a great option for people on the move.

The internal microphone is average, would could be a considered a negative for some people, but there is also one mini microphone included in the package to improve the sound quality.

You can also use a range of other microphones with this camera if you choose to.

With a recording quality of 1080p and 30 frames per second, the video playback is very clear and very smooth.

Different lens options mean you can use wide angle, teleconverter, macro, fish eye and UV lenses with this camera, which is a fantastic feature for film makers or anybody who wants to record videos that include more than just one single shot.

Unfortunately, additional lenses are not included, so this may be a downside for some people.

It also supports a tripod, has a clear 3.0 inch Clear Photo LCD display for easy interface that allows you to do basic edits and after effects immediately after capturing your content.




7. MARVUE Camcorder 24MP Digital Camera FHD 1080P Video Recorder 3″ Screen Flash Light Full Frame Beauty Face Photo Shoot (HDV-G02)

Marketed as a “point and shoot” camera, the name of the game is usability for this device.

It’s small, lightweight, very comfortable to hold and extremely easy to use, meaning this is a great option for both beginners and semi professional users alike.

There is a retractable built in flash light which comes in really handy for when you need that little bit of extra light in darker conditions.

Supporting a tripod of standard size and a range of different lenses that can be purchased separately, this model does everything that the alternatives in the same price range will do but has an added sense of simplicity that could be very appealing for those who like to record their content with minimal fuss.

It also includes a UV lens for filming and taking pictures in conditions that may be challenging for standard lenses. This is a great little extra.

Selfies and videos of yourself or a group of friends, family or team mates are not a problem as the digital video recorder can flip up and be rotated, it also has face detection and a feature called “beauty face”, which is almost a must to be qualified as one of the best cameras for Youtube.

The standard SD card is unfortunately not included, which is a negative point that may put some people off this product, though these can be purchased quite cheaply elsewhere.

As with all simple camera products, the basic nature of this “point and shoot” option may not be the best for professional users but as an upgrade from very basic models, this is a great option for amateur and semi pro users who are interested in improving the quality of their YouTube videos.




6. MARVUE 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera FULL HD 1080P 60fps 16MP Waterproof Digital Video Recorder For Diving.

For anybody who loves sports, the outdoors and taking pictures in more extreme environments, this is a waterproof camera that can be submerged as deep as 30 meters.

As one of the best cameras for YouTube videos featuring footage of diving or other water based sporting activities, this is a great option for the active YouTuber.

It can be strapped to a surfboard and used as a dash cam and also for general, dry land use.

It would also be fantastic option for recording football, rugby and other sporting matches in rainy, outdoor conditions.

Featuring a 4k recorder that records at 1080p and an impressive 60fps, the camera can support 16MP for a sense of real professional quality that isn’t available in some other models.

Complete with a mini HDMI port, it can be connected to your laptop or television without a problem.

Its built in display is clear but at only 2 inches, this may be considered a negative to some people who prefer a slightly larger screen to check their recordings.

The built in microphone picks up sound well and is sensitive enough to detect even very quiet sounds.

This makes it great for recording in remote environments, especially when you need to record speech.

Like most models it can be connected to iOS or Android mobile and tablet devices via an app and makes a great entry level option for people who want to take their first steps in to the world of sports cameras.

With only a few negatives, including the size of the screen and fairly simple range of features, this diverse and adaptable camera can be used to film any number of sports and outdoor activities and provides an affordable and user friendly option for the budding YouTuber.




5. Hausbell HDV-5052 HDMI 1920x1080p Full HD Wifi Digital Video Camera

Complete with a larger than average 3.0 inch touch screen interface and WiFi connectivity as standard, the Hausbell digital video camera is ideal for recording and uploading videos to YouTube.

With its zoom capability of up to sixteen times and 30fps frame rate, footage is clear and professional looking.

Usability is also good as a smart phone can be used as a remote control for the device via an app called “iSmart TV”.

This has real time remote capabilities, which is a great feature.

As with many models at this price point, the SD card capability is 32 GB but an added bonus here is that the card itself is included as part of the package.

Real time broadcasting capabilities mean that you can film weddings, sporting events or anything else and then share it with friends and family across the world immediately, this is a great feature for amateur vloggers and YouTubers who want to capture content on the move.

On the negative side, the design of the camera is quite old fashioned and the pop out screen makes the device seem like an older model, rather than a brand new digital camera.

This is a minor flaw, though as the range of features, carrying case and included SD card make this a very competitive model for the reasonable price range and therefore still makes as one of the best cameras for Youtube you could get.




4. ORDRO HDV-D395 Full Spectrum Digital Camcorder with Remote Control and Night Vision IR HD 1080P Ghost Hunting Video Camera LED Fill Light 2 Batteries Included (Black)

This camera is a little bit different to the others on the market as it is being sold as “Ghost Hunting Video Camera” so all those with an interest in capturing the paranormal may want to consider this for their paranormal recording activity before they upload the footage to YouTube.

The night vision feature includes infrared meaning that you can take pictures in extremely dark conditions and still achieve high definition resolution.

This is great for displaying details that could potentially missed by models that only record in standard definition.

With built in wifi connection operation, mobile app support and the option to control some of the features via your phone, YouTubers with a passion for the paranormal will enjoy the easy, simple user interface.

This device includes electronic image stabilazation, which would certainly be useful in situations where the users hands may be shaking.

Definitely a plus point for ghost hunters.

It also has a digital zoom that can magnify images up to 18x, so even the smallest movement, figure or change in light can be detected from a distance.

The problems caused by zooming from a distance, such as blurring are solved by this feature meaning that shooting smooth, professional looking footage is easy, even for inexperienced users.

Though there are not many negatives on this camera, it may be a little bit too advanced and too specific for a first time vlogger who just want to upload videos quickly.

It also has a higher price point that could deter users with a smaller budget.
Overall, this camera has been aimed at those who want to record detailed images and videos in dark conditions, so if this sounds like something you might use, it could be the best option for you.

Due to it’s crystal clear image capturing even during shaky movements and even at the darkest locations, this is listed very high in the best cameras for YouTube list.




3. ORDRO Wifi Video Camcorder HDV-Z20 Full HD 1080P Handheld Digital Camera DV with External Microphone

As one of the higher priced models on the market, this camera is aimed at those who want to ensure high quality footage on their youtube videos.

The 8.0 sensor is extremely sensitive to light, around ten times more so than the traditional CMOS image sensor, meaning that it can be used in almost any conditions without compromising quality.

The 24 megapixel quality provides very high definition resolution and there is also a digital zoom capable of enlarging images by up to sixteen times.

Like some of the other models in this price range, electronic image stabilization comes as standard meaning that hand shake, moving objects and small or distant figures will still be captured clearly and in very high quality.

Obviously this feature is not necessary for a standard vlog filmed in a bedroom or living room, but for outdoor use or filming of multiple subjects in darker environments, this can make the difference between good and poor quality footage.

One of the biggest selling points here is the external metal microphone.

Although an internal mic is included, there is also an additional configuration hot shoe that provides exceptional quality sound while automatically filtering out unwanted noise for a very professional recording.

The fixed digital zoom could be a down side, depending on what you plan to use the camera for and the large, external mic, although very effective, may prove to be a little bulky and too large for casual users.

Overall, though is a good quality product for the price point.

Designed for action, this camera is perfect for those who want to upload videos to youtube from extreme sports events like skateboarding, rock climbing or windsurfing.

With the capability to record videos in 4K at 30 frames per second, the overall quality of the image from this device is excellent.

The 170 degree, ultra wide lens means that details of background objects are a well defined and easy to see.

Support is provided for micro SD cards of up to 64GB, which is twice as large as many models that are currently on the market.

One negative is that the manufacturers suggest that a certified micro SD card should be used and formatted before it can be used effectively.

This means it may not be the best option for those who require more versatility in terms of cards that can be used.




2. HTRise Sports Action Vedio Camera, Full HD 4K 16MP Waterproof Diving WiFi Remote Control Helmet

The 2 inch high definition screen is clear and easy to read but may be a little small for someone who prefers a bigger playback screen.

This will depend on what you will be using the camera for but could be seen as a negative point by some.

One of the main positives here is the various accessories that come with this package.

All of which are compatible with all GoPro cameras.

There is a bicycle mount, two clips, a waterproof case and helmet mounting kit for recording the action on your bike ride, skydive or run.

Fans of sports, especially marine based or other water based activities will love this camera for its ability take stunning under water footage.

Diving and snorkling shots are possible due to the waterproof case, which can also be used while skiing, boating and surfing.

The battery life provides up to 90 minute recording time with the 900mAh battery, there are also two pcs batteries included as part of the package, which is a definite positive considering many of the alternatives require these to be purchased separately.

Finally, the wifi connectivity lets you connect with smart devices wirelessly, for simple and hassle free social media sharing, video and photo editing via your chosen device.

The free App-XDV app from Google Play means there is no extra cost to using the camera online, which will definitely be a positive point for a lot of people.

Overall, this is a good quality, professional standard camera that could be used to upload any kind of video to youtube.




1. Besteker Portable Digital Video Camera HD 1080P 30FPS 24MP Support 64G SD Card Remote Control HDMI and USB Output Camera Recorder (HDV-Z8 plus)

In the number one spot for the best cameras for YouTube, the Besteker Portable Digital Video Camera, which offers a range of features, incredible portability and powerful, high quality recording capabilities of up to 24.0 megapixels.

Face capture makes selfies and group shots effortlessly easy and the anti shake technology means that even those without steady hands can upload smooth, professional looking videos to YouTube.

In addition to this, the auto power off feature means that you can avoid wasting battery power when the device is not in use, a fantastic feature for those may forget to power off while in a hurry.

Unfortunately, the device does require an 8 hour charge the first time it is used but after the initial charge, it will only require 3 hours.

This is something of a downside at first, but the shorter charging time does make up for it.

On a full charge, the camera will record video for up to two hours, which is longer than a number of other models on the market.

It will also take high quality photographs for up to 2.5 hours.

Weighing in at only 0.63 pounds (288g) it is incredibly light and easy to carry, meaning it can be used on the move without a problem.

There is a 12 month warranty included as standard, as well as an HDMI cable and TV output, usb charger, camera bag and 2 high powered batteries.

Although the 30 fps limit may be considered a negative to some, the added extras, warranty and usability of the device make up for this.

One of the biggest selling points here, is the quality of the image and the clear, easy to use three inch display.

For the price point, this is definitely one of the best cameras for youtube that is currently available.



Editors Choice Of The Best Cameras For YouTube

Due to the price point and it’s range of inclusive features and accessories, the winner of the best cameras for YouTube according to our top ten list is the Besteker Portable Digital Video Camera.

It’s two hour battery life means long recording sessions are never a problem, even on the move and it’s light and portable design makes it absolutely perfect for beginners who want to invest in a quality product that will last for a long time or for those who wish to upgrade to a premium standard camera to give their videos an extra, professional edge.

Photographs can also be captured to an exceptional quality, previously only seen in much higher priced models of camera, meaning that amateur photographers would also get a lot from this product.

With an intuitive and easy to read display, users should be able to start using this immediately but the included instructions are clear and informative.

This camera can capture footage for professional use but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use or too complex for a beginner.

Face finder technology makes selfies and group shots easy and the impressive maximum quality setting of 24 megapixels is a feature that most other cameras could not handle.

If detail is critical for you, this higher quality resolution will mean that your pictures and videos are sharp and full of intricate fine points for your user to identify.

Overall, this is a versatile and extremely user friendly piece of equipment that makes recording and uploading any kind of video footage extremely easy.

Though other models in the price range may include additional features that are lacking on this model, the included accessories and attachments, plus the one year warranty, make this a great choice for anybody who is considering buying a camera for YouTube.

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