Top 10 Best Dartboard For All Types Of Players 2022

Darts began as a missile weapon of war used by the Macedonians and has since evolved into one of the most popular games of skill & precision.

Even the best dartboard can be enjoyed in bars and recreation centres worldwide. It is a fun way to kill boredom and has some great personal benefits too.

Top 10 Best Dartboard Comparison Table


Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip DartboardVariety of Games, Ultra Thin Spider, Bilingual voice option3$

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic DartboardAdded durability, Free soft tip starter darts, beautiful mounting hardware3$$$$

Viper Razorback Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard with Staple-Free SpiderRegulation size target face, self healing fibers, accommodates both steel and soft tips darts3.5$$

Goplus Professional Electronic Dart board Cabinet Set Dartboard Game Room LED Display w/ 12 DartsBacklit LCD scoreboard, Wide variety of games, Regulation size target face3.5$$

Darts Connect Online Electronic DartboardAnimations and Sound Effects, Light weight and portable, connect and learn from a global community3.5$$$$

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Soft Tip DartboardFree soft-tip starter darts and tips, Automatic shut-down, Backlit LCD scoreboard4$

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic DartboardExtremely responsive sensors, Dart storage on board, Backlit LCD scoreboard4$$$

Unicorn Eclipse HD TV Edition Bristle DartboardSelf-healing sisal fibers, Professional level board, digital look number ring4.5$

Bristle Dartboard, Wuudi Double-sided Flocking Dart Board with 6 Brass Darts(18 inches)Self-healing sisal fibers, Superior quality, Extremely easy to mount4.5$
Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle DartboardRota-Lock system for easy setup, patented Dual Core Technology, Self-healing super-dense sisal fibers with superior quality, endorsed by British Darts Organization5$$

It’s scientifically proven that throwing darts at board, trying to hit the centre of the target or the bull’s eye, improves your objectivity skills, reality awareness as well as general math abilities.

No, this does not mean that by playing darts all day, you will get high math score but yes, it definitely improves concentration.

As a team of gaming enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for fun-packed games. And this one is truly fantastic in all ways, especially if you’ve got one of the best dartboard to enjoy!

Dartboards offer a little bit of something for people of all ages and backgrounds. And you don’t have to rely on your local pub to enjoy it; you can purchase your own dartboard and spice up your room.

If you have a blank wall space, then why not get your own dartboard? You can play on it anytime when you are alone or just call your family & friends and bond over a game. It’s fun, exciting and very addictive.

If there are small kids at home, parents are probably wondering if this thing with sharp darts is something you should bring home.

Traditional dart boards will never lose their old world charm but the good thing is that now there is another option to consider, such as Electric dartboards! These are safer, packed with more features, are easy to play with and are great for kids

Unlike traditional dartboards, these do not damage your walls and manage your scores automatically so that you can focus solely on the game.

After discussing with dartboard lovers and going through several manufacturers, we came up with a list of ten best dartboard that are great for professional as well as amateur players.

Let’s get to the detailed review then, which will hopefully help you make an informed choice.


What Types Of Dartboards Are There?

There are tons of options in market and it can get pretty confusing to pick the right one. Not only are there differences in makes and models but also functionalities.

If you ask a shopkeeper, you may hear about bristle, electronic, coiled paper, wooden, cork and magnetic varieties of boards but broadly speaking, there are just two categories:

  • Bristle traditional dartboard and
  • The electronic board.

In the old days, dartboards used to be made of coarse hog hairs called bristles. So, now even when alternative materials are used, the term still remains.

The most common alternative materials are cork and sisal.

The coiled paper and wooden alternatives are not even advisable because the former is too delicate and the latter requires to be treated regularly to repair the pits created by the darts going into the wood. 

Cork crumbles easily, especially when subjected to frequent poking whereas sisal is more long lasting.

The latter is a fibrous material which is also used in making ropes and when a dart hits a sisal board, it nestles between fibers.

Hence, unlike cork, sisal boards do not crack and have no holes either. These are used for tournaments and are a preferred choice among those who are serious about darts and are looking for an authentic playing experience.

However, these boards have brass or tungsten made body and steel darts with sharp tips which shows that these aren’t toys by any means.

They are dangerous and should not be used by amateur or young players. Electronic boards, on the other hand, are made predominantly of plastic.

These are pre-programmed games having special features and ability to keep automatic track of scores so that users do not have to keep a pen and paper by the side while playing.

You throw the darts on the board which has tiny holes all over the surface and whenever a dart sticks in any of the holes, the board sends a message to the internal computer to calculate total score, update it online and in some cases, even sync it to smart phone app.

Also the darts are plastic tipped and hence much safer and lighter.

Since some electronic boards allow you to play against opponents from around the world characters, you do not need a company to enjoy a competitive match and the bounce outs are also less than traditional boards.

Adding to this, they have interesting sound effects which give a more fun ‘arcade’ feel. These are undoubtedly a great option for kids as well as seasoned and amateur players.

Benefits Of Best Dartboard

Due to the increasing demand for dartboards, the market is flooded with several different models by various brands and new ones keep surfacing every day.

They all look same but there is a huge difference in quality. People buy dartboards to have a good time and relax or to prepare for leagues and tournaments.

Some may even use them to increase concentration.

Whatever your aim, getting the best dartboard is always a wise idea. Obviously, you don’t want to ruin your game by buying a low quality board for the sake of saving few bucks.

The cheaper the buy, the sooner will be a replacement. On the other hand, if you have a good board, the game becomes even more enjoyable.

For instance, you can score more and at a faster pace when you are playing on a well equipped board.

The extra features are really quite enjoyable such as the convenience of electronic dartboards, but there is no denying that traditional boards give that authentic feel of the game.

This is why pros use and stick to it.

Consider your level of play before selecting the right board. A traditional bristle board may not be ideal for you if you are looking for recreation.

But make sure that whichever board you pick is made of high quality components and is worth investing.

Confused? Well, all the works done for you below. Here you will find a list of the 10 best dartboard models including all types.

Just follow our detailed review and you will do fine.

Downsides Of Dartboards

This is such an intelligent game that there isn’t much to complain about. However, there are a few minor downsides which obviously won’t stop you from loving dartboards.

Traditional darts are made of sharp steel tips that can hit someone, causing serious injuries.

There are soft tipped plastic darts too for electronic versions but in many cases, these are too light and unstable through air, failing to serve the purpose i.e. hit the target with precision.

Finding good darts is not easy and playing with semi-functional darts is more frustrating than fun.

You may choose to use electronic boards with catch rings to safeguard the background walls but electronic boards are not easily portable. Moreover, they require electricity and have to be placed near power outlets.

If you choose to power your board with batteries, know that battery life is poor in most cases. High cost is another issue.

Hence, no matter what type of dartboard you use, there remain some disadvantages.



10. Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

The Viper 777 can be a fantastic addition to your entertainment room or hangout point. It’s a stylish electronic board in bold red, vivid blue and bright white. The premium quality components used make it resilient, powerful and more appealing to the eye.

It has concave-holed segments on the board that make it durable at the same time.

Its 15.5 inch target face allows you to play on the same size that professional tournament players use.

Around the target face, there is a large catch ring that creates a 360 degree landing zone for any missed shot and protects the wall from damage. Especially as an amateur there will be darts flying in all directions but this ring catch won’t fail to serve what it’s meant for.

For those whose rooms are always a mess, there is a storage built right into the dartboard itself so that after the game, you can pack away darts and other supplies at one place.

There are 6 starter darts as well along with a sleek mounting hardware.

There is no dearth of game options. The 777 comes with 43 interesting dart games and over 320 variations so that you’ll always enjoy your darts, no matter what your darting skills are.

By the way, it accommodates up to 8 players of all expertise levels. So, no one really needs to sit on sideline.

There is a simple ten key interface that makes the game-play easy and quick. There is also a bright backlit LCD scoreboard that eliminates the need for manual scorekeeping.

So there are no mistakes and no cheating! The display shows up to 2 players’ numerical scores per dart as well as per round.

For tight shot groupings, an ultra-thin spider is used and since the surface area is quite large, chances of bounce-outs are reduced. On both the sides of board, there are dart holsters that store and display the darts collected.

As for charging, there are 3 AA batteries or you can also use an external power supply adapter (5V, 1000 mA) but you will need to purchase it separately. To conserve battery power and electricity, you can use ‘sleep’ and ‘auto power off’ features.

It measures 22.5 x 1.6 x 19.5 inches and weighs just 2 pounds. It’s light and pretty portable to carry along for a quick game outdoors.


  • Regulation size 15.5 inch target face.
  • Tournament quality thermal resin material and concave-holed board segments for added durability.
  • Wide variety of games.
  • Multiplayer option as it supports up to 8 players at a time.
  • Free 6 soft-tip starter darts and mounting hardware.
  • Full one year manufacturer
  • Use of ultra-thin spider for reduced bounce outs.
  • Bilingual voice option for English and Spanish speakers.
  • Missed darts capture ring to protect walls from damage.
  • Backlit LCD scoreboard for clear view and accurate scorekeeping.
  • Light weight and portable.


  • AC adapter is not included in the pack.
  • Low quality of included starter darts.
  • Easy to break LCD display.
  • Sensors are designed for extremely light darts. Use anything heavier than 15g and electronics are likely to fail.
  • Being electronic, it’s not suited for professional use.

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9. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is another good electronic dart board in market. It is a regulation sized 15.5 inches sturdy board with a striking black-red-yellow color scheme and great segment quality.

The NylonToughTM segments it uses are the best ones in today’s market.

The look, feel and game play really amazes anyone that tries it out. It offers 40 games and 179 playing options (including 7 cricket games) which may seem less than what the other boards in market offer, but then it would be wrong if we say we didn’t enjoy the Pro 800 much.

Other games, especially Fight School are good but nothing beats Cricket. Scoring is simple and it’s easy to see in which direction the game is heading to, allowing you to just throw darts and focus on your strategy.

The Cricket part of the game is awesome and that’s probably why they named it Arachnid Cricket Pro. It supports up to 8 players at a time. There is a beautiful LCD display to show scores and also a dart storage system on board.

Though there are micro think dividers to reduce bounce-outs and increase the scoring potential, it turns out that bounce outs were fairly common.

Its soft tip darts crashed to the floor on a regular basis and if you have played on bristle boards with steel tips, you would find this very frustrating but the good thing is that hard tip darts also work well on the board. Lighter darts seemed to bounce out a bit less than the heavy ones.

Another thing worth noticing is that the crashing of darts into board is quite loud. There is an option to lower the volume but even at the minimum level, it seems too high. Just hope that neighbors don’t complain!

The Pro 800 comes with mounting hardware (arcade style cabinet with beautiful cherry finish), AC adapter, operating manual, 6 starter soft tip darts and some extra dart tips.


  • Regulation size 15.5 inch target face.
  • Use of NylonToughTMsegments for added durability.
  • Superb cricket games.
  • Multiplayer option.
  • Free soft-tip starter darts, AC adaptor and beautiful mounting hardware.
  • Full one year manufacturer
  • Includes almost all features.
  • Allows soft as well as hard tip dart use.


  • Relatively less game options.
  • Low quality included darts.
  • Extremely high volume levels.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Heavy weight (12 pounds) and not really portable.
  • Being electronic, it’s not suited for professional use.

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8. Viper Razorback Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard with Staple-Free Spider

Now this one is a traditional bristle dartboard made of sisal fibers which can expand and self-heal when the darts are removed. Moreover, there is a removable low-glare number ring which allows a player to rotate the board and let other sections heal as well.

The board is 100% staple-free and uses razor-thin galvanized steel wires to increase the surface area. This really reduces bounce outs. The darts land spot on and stick well to the board.

However, if your dart aim is too low, do get a wall protection or catch ring. In around 230 games we played, there was just one bounce out and not a single blemish on the board. So, you yourself can imagine the quality of the product.

The board is tournament sized (measuring 18 inch in diameter and 1.5 inch thickness) and has a unique glossy shimmer.

It is compatible with both steel tip and soft tip darts, so finding darts for the board is not much of a problem. Moreover, you can maintain a wider collection of favorite darts since both kinds work equally well.

This is a professionally designed sturdy board that will sustain through most intense game plays and will not disappoint you in terms of quality.

Of course it doesn’t have the exciting features of an electronic version but it’s an authentic dartboard that’s beautifully designed and is pretty affordable too.


  • Regulation size target face for tournament style play.
  • Self-healing sisal fibers and removable low-glare number ring for unsurpassed durability.
  • Low-glare number ring enables easy visibility.
  • Staple-free razor- thin wires for fewer bounce-outs.
  • Accommodates both steel and soft tip darts.
  • Full one year manufacturer
  • Includes mounting hardware and game manual.


  • Heavy weight (14 pounds) and not really portable.
  • Darts are not included and you need to purchase them separately.

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7. Goplus Professional Electronic Dart board Cabinet Set Dartboard Game Room LED Display w/ 12 Darts

Goplus has been in market for few months only and is already a buzzing topic amongst dart enthusiasts. Though there are plenty of electronic dartboards out there, this one comes with most of their features in a much less price.

We like the unique look of this board set which comprises of a heavy duty plastic cabinet that stores up to 12 darts. The best part about the Goplus is its LCD display that requires a dart throw action to restart it from sleep mode.

Yes, if no key is pressed for 10 minutes, the product automatically enters sleep or power saving mode and requires you to aim a dart to awake it. That’s a pretty impressive feature.

The display can be powered by 4 AA batteries but they are not included in the package.

The board has a regulation size 13.5 inch target face and a good contrast color scheme. It offers 27 exciting games with 216 variations and allows up to 8 players at a time.

Overall, quite the value pack. Honestly, looking at it, you don’t expect the Goplus to be that good considering the price range but this product surpasses expectations. If you have a budget constraint, go for it and you won’t regret.


  • Regulation size target face.
  • Wide variety of games.
  • Multiplayer option.
  • Backlit LCD scoreboard.
  • Free 12 soft-tip starter darts, 12 replacement soft tips, an adaptor and a heavy duty plastic cabinet.


  • Being electronic, it’s not suited for professional use.

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6. Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard

This is the world’s first interactive smart dartboard that takes the ordinary game of playing darts to next level. It is a first-of-its-kind online platform that allows players to connect online and play with people from around the world. Finding an opponent is easy.

Just connect it to Wi-Fi and download the free Darts Connect app. Sync the board, choose a game and start playing. Every time there is a hit, the app registers your points and saves your track progress, patterns and skill level.

It then uses it to find an appropriate opponent who matches your level. Moreover, there is a built-in camera that’s triggered instantly as soon as your dart hits the board and sends you the image of your opponent, preventing chances of any foul play.

You can even interact with your opponents online via real time texting. And that’s not all; you can share your scores on social media and tell your friends how you’re doing. This is the most modern electronic dartboard ever seen.

There are plenty of practice modes and games including cricket. For charging, you can use micro-USB or AA batteries. The system is light-weight (just 2.6 kg) and can be easily installed on wall with or without screws.

It has pre-installed soft pads on back for extra shock absorption and noise reduction. The noise is rarely audible and if you share your room with a sibling or friend, it would be convenient. The price is a little more expensive though.

Like most electronic boards, it has standard 15.5 inch target face and is made of high quality nylon polymer that’s highly durable.

There are plenty of themes, animations and sound effects to choose from. Being electronic, it accommodates only soft tip tournament quality darts.

The good thing is that it is electronic and yet similar to a traditional dart board. It is simple and yet so modern. Be it casual beginners or high-level tournament players, everybody can enjoy it.


  • Regulation size 15.5 inch target face.
  • Tournament quality nylon polymer built for
  • Wide variety of games, themes, animations and sound effects.
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Minimal bounce-outs.
  • Opportunity to connect and learn from a global community of dart players.
  • Allows tracking progress and sharing scores on social media.
  • Allows messaging and seeing opponents.
  • There’s only minimal noise which can be easily ignored.


  • Quite expensive.
  • The app requires games to be unlocked first. You may need to make in-app purchases.
  • It needs to be connected to your smartphone or device through Wi-Fi but it is not compatible with all models.




5. Fat Cat 727 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

This is a low cost electronic board that’s perfect for a newbie or occasional player. It doesn’t have all of the advanced features but is very durable and will sustain through extensive practice sessions. It has a 13 inch target face with concave holed segments and a catch ring around it to prevent wall-damage. The board has a high quality finish and can be a trendy addition to your room.

It offers 18 exciting games with 96 scoring options and supports up to eight players at a time. There are 6 soft tip darts included in the pack but they do not stick well and tend to fall off the board.

Buying better quality darts is recommended. Otherwise, bounce-out rate is good enough for a board in this price range. In around 150 throws, you might have just one bounce-out.

Note that you will need to throw darts with good force, otherwise they might not stick to the board and fall out more often.

It has a nice LCD display and can be charged by 4-AA batteries which provide a good back-up. Also, it weighs just 2 pounds and is easy to mount. It’s a perfect low cost board for a beginner to practice and improve darting skills.


  • Regulation size target face.
  • Concave-holed board segments for durability.
  • Wide variety of games.
  • Multiplayer option as it supports up to 8 players at a time.
  • Free 6 soft-tip starter darts and 10 tips.
  • Automatic shut-down.
  • Tournament quality spider for reduced bounce outs.
  • Missed darts capture ring to protect walls from damage.
  • Backlit LCD scoreboard for clear view and accurate scorekeeping.
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Easy to use, even for kids.


  • AA batteries are not included in the pack.
  • Low quality of included starter darts.
  • Only 3 months warranty.
  • Not suited for professional use.

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4. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard

This is the best Arachnid board in market right now. With its NylonTough segments for quiet game play & durability and micro-thin segment dividers for reduced bounce-outs, this exceptional dartboard is an exciting addition to any home, restaurant or club.

It has a regulation size 15.5 inch target area and excellent bounce-out rate. The board is thick and braces well against dart throws, especially when darts are heavier than 16 grams.

It offers 24 games and 132 variations including 5 cricket games. Like most other boards, it supports up to 8 players at a time. The computer calls out when it’s next player’s turn.

There is a stunning illuminated LED display that is easy to read from the throw line. If your opponent is much advanced than you, you can use Player Handicap feature to effectively compete with him.

Some other interesting features include auto player ranking, quick play buttons for cricket, concave segment holes and more.

It’s a bit expensive but the other Arachnids in the 60-100 range are much cheaper in quality. With Pro 650, you’re not overspending. Try it and you will know that it’s completely worth it.


  • Regulation size target face for tournament-style play.
  • Use of commercial grade NylonTough material and concave-holed board segments for durability.
  • Extremely responsive sensors and minimal bounce-outs.
  • Wide variety of games.
  • Multiplayer option.
  • Free 6 soft-tip starter darts & extra tips, AC adaptor and mounting hardware.
  • Full one year manufacturer warranty against defects.
  • Dart storage on board.
  • Backlit LCD scoreboard.
  • Automatic voice-prompts to remind the players of their turn.


  • Quite Expensive.
  • Heavy weight (25 pounds) and hence not portable.
  • Volume is too loud even on lowest level. You can turn it off though.
  • Double bulls-eye cannot be turned on and off like in higher models.
  • Not suited for professional use.

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3. Unicorn Eclipse HD TV Edition Bristle Dartboard

The Eclipse is a professional level bristle board used in the competitive events in Premier League. It is made of tightly packed self-healing sisal fibers. It remains blemish-free and has a lovely soft feel to it.

It’s compact and yet soft and darts go in nice & easy and they actually stick in, which is great!

It is a regulation size 18 inch board made from a single biscuit and has a seamless playing surface without veins, which helps you achieve higher scores.

It’s for the first time that a new High Definition digital number ring has replaced the traditional wire number ring.

Patent is yet pending for this innovative design. The board is 100% staple free and has an ultra-thin spider which significantly reduces bounce-outs.

This is definitely one of the best dartboard manufactured in history. It has impressive design and performance and you instantly just fall in love with it. Whether you are a casual enthusiast or a serious dart player, you can pick it any day without much thinking.


  • Self-healing sisal fibers.
  • Minimal bounce-outs.
  • Seamless playing surface.
  • Professional level board. It is the official dartboard of the Professional Darts Corporation.
  • Revolutionary design with all new ‘High Definition’ digital look number ring and a single biscuit-build.
  • Accommodates both steel and soft tip darts.


  • Heavy weight (9 pounds) and not portable.




2. Bristle Dartboard, Wuudi Double-sided Flocking Dart Board with 6 Brass Darts(18 inches)

Wuudi is a high quailty professional level board that’s double sided. One side of it is an ideal regulation-size bristle board that’s fit for tournaments and the other is black & white board with easy game play for beginners.

It is a sturdy, durable board with triangle hoop so that it can be easily hung on wall. It weighs 5.1 pounds and is a bit heavy but that’s because it’s a professional board made of sisal fibers, not plastic.

Since sisal fibers are self-healing, your board will remain blemish-free and will sustain through extensive gaming sessions. The bounce-out rate is exceptional.

The board’s spider wiring is made of high-tensile, galvanized steel and is 50% thinner than other board wires. This reduces bounce-outs and increases scoring potential.

As the name suggests, the board is made of super-dense, high-visibility flocking with no chemical component, making it more durable and safe to use.

The 6 light weight brass darts (0.63 ounces each) that come with the package are of exceptional quality so you don’t need to buy them separately.

The price is also reasonable. What more could you ask for!


  • Superior quality.
  • Self-healing sisal fibers.
  • Minimal bounce-outs.
  • Extremely easy to mount.
  • Galvanized steel wiring and high density flocking for durability.
  • Double sided for beginners and pro players.
  • Professional level board used in tournaments.
  • Accommodates both brass and soft tip darts.
  • Free 6 high quality brass darts.


  • Just 6 months warranty.
  • A bit heavy (1 pounds) and not easily portable.

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1. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

The new Blade 5 is the latest version in the best-selling Blade series.  This is an innovative bristle board that has really pushed the boundaries.

It has a new, thinner wiring system that increases scoring area by 14%. The Sector wiring is reduced by 20% and the radial wiring by 10% whilst managing to increase the tensile strength of wire by 20%.

And that’s not all, the blade wiring, which was set at 90 degrees in the previous models, has been reduced to 60 degrees. All this increases scoring potential and reduces bounce outs significantly.

This leading dartboard manufacturer has been constantly developing the wiring system. People wonder how they manage to improve it every time.

This board is so much fun that you’ll easily spend several hours on it and in over 500 dart throws, there are easily no bounce-outs.

The 18 inch board is made of self healing sisal fibers and is a preferred choice among professional players.

It uses an exclusive dual core technology that works through 2 layers of sisal board– in the outermost layer, lower compression fibers are used for increased dart penetration while in the inner layer, higher compression fibers are used for greater durability.

It also uses 25 ring feature carbon diffusion technology that makes the surface ultra-hard and dent-free like new.

Being a bristle board, it’s a bit heavy but it comes with Rota-Lock system which solves the problem and enables easy rotation and set-up. This system effectively utilizes three wheel locators to allow the dartboard to be easily fitted to virtually any surface in a matter of minutes.

Also, it enables secure fit by locking position. If you have a home with kids running around, this will definitely be useful.

This board is a real gem. It’s fair to say that it’s the pinnacle of darts technology and innovation. Without any doubt, it’s the best dartboard that money can buy!


  • Fade resistant colors.
  • High visibility playing surface.
  • Rota-Lock system for easy setup, rotation and secure fit.
  • Accommodates both steel and soft tip darts.
  • Best-in-class durability with the patented Dual Core Technology and 25 ring feature carbon diffusion technology.
  • Self-healing super-dense sisal fibers with superior quality.
  • Innovative wiring system and 100% staple free bull’s-eye for reduced bounce-outs.
  • Professional level bristle dartboard that’s exclusively endorsed by British Darts Organization.


  • Heavy weight (12 pounds) and hence not easily portable.

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Editor’s Choice of Best Dartboard

If we have to pick one, it will definitely be Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard which is the world’s most advanced dartboard till date.

Winmau has been manufacturing dartboards since 1945 and has over 70 years of expertise.

Every year, it delivers revolutionary technologies that set new standards in darts. The Blade 3 and 4 series models were also very successful but Blade 5 takes Winmau’s values of design, craftsmanship and engineering excellence to another level.

It’s an ultimate no bounce-out dartboard, something which none other is. That explains why it’s exclusively endorsed by British Darts Organization.

If you watch television, you probably know that it’s the most advertised dartboard as well.

Many professional players claim it to be the best. Thumbs up to the Winmau Blade 5! Definitely a great choice! If you’re an indoor sports fan make sure to read this review before you leave!