Top 10 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 2022

When measuring temperature, there are a number of best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer models available, ranging from the basic glass design, to the more advanced, electronic versions.

Gardeners, weather enthusiasts and those with a general interest in measuring temperature have a number of potential products to choose from and this guide is intended to help you make the right decision and select the best product for you.

Top 10 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Comparison Table

PhotoNameFeatureRating (1-5)Price

8" Antique Copper Finish Decorative Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer and HygrometerAntique2.5$

Weather Channel Thermometer, Professional Wireless Weather Station with Temperature, Humidity, Forecast, Clock and More, Indoor / Outdoor Remote Thermometer SensorLarge LCD screen3$

Ambient Weather WS-23 Big Digit 8 Channel Wireless Thermo-HygrometerOne console One remote3.5$

La Crosse Technology WS-8157U-CH-IT Atomic Clock with Outdoor Temperature and Weather ForecastHighly Accurate3.5$$

Ambient Weather WS-04 Wireless Thermometer with Indoor and Outdoor TemperatureAudible and Visual Alarm4$

Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer with Three Remote Sensors3 Remote Thermometer Sensors4$

La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor TemperatureMoon Phases4$$

AcuRite 75077 Weather Forecaster with Jumbo Display, Remote Sensor and Atomic ClockAtomic Clock4.5$

AcuRite 00611A3 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity SensorIncredible signal strength4.5$
La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor TemperatureLong Range with 3 sensors5$

When considering the kind of Indoor/Outdoor thermometer that could be right for you, it is important to consider your budget, your needs and the space in which you intend to use the product.

Features such as a humidity read out or a daily high and low temperature could be extremely useful for gardeners, those with allotments or vegetable patches and maybe for weather enthusiasts who like to see a more accurate representation of the climate in their local area.

Some people may also want their device to be decorative or aesthetically pleasing to look at, so if this is a consideration for you, it is worth bearing in mind that there are products on the market like this, but many electronic devices are designed for functionality alone, rather than the way they look.

Essentially, only you can make the final decision on which product is right for you, but this guide has been designed to help you by explaining the different thermometers that are available and how they may suit your temperature measuring needs.

Whether you need to monitor the temperature and humidity in a basement, the temperature of the air in your greenhouse or garden or perhaps the high and low temperatures outside of a bedroom window or inside a garage, there are a number of potential options for you to choose from.

The main things to consider are where you will be using the device, how often and also what your price range is.

There is no need to pay a lot of money if you are only looking for a simple device but at the same time, trying to use a cheaper model to take complex measurements in a more professional set up will inevitably end up with you spending more on a newer device that better suits your needs.


What Type Of Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers Are There?

There are a lot of products claiming to be the best indoor outdoor thermometer on the market but deciding which one is really for you doesn’t have to be difficult.

Ranging from affordable to premium, there are a wide variety of options and products available, depending on what you’re looking for.

The most basic indoor and outdoor thermometers simply measure temperature and nothing else.

This is fine if you only have one job to do, but some people also like to monitor humidity, high and low daily temperatures and possibly require other features such as time and date display.

Accuracy is also a large consideration as the quality of the outdoor sensors can vary quite significantly from product to product.

If you are looking for something decorative, the overall look and build quality of the thermometer will also be a serious consideration for you.

There are definitely products to suit all specifications on the market, but which one is right for you depends on your personal preference.

Benefits of Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

When you need to measure temperature indoors or outdoors, this kind of thermometer is the best option.

Many of the devices on the market allow you to measure the temperature in an outside area from the comfort of your home.

Outdoor sensors relay a signal to the display console or device meaning that you can record the temperature in an outside area without going outside yourself.

This is obviously really helpful in those cold winter months and those stifling, hot summer days when you prefer to be inside.

Many devices only measure temperature but the best indoor outdoor thermometer also offer the option of measuring humidity and barometric pressure, meaning that weather enthusiasts can observe these conditions from the comfort of the indoors.

Some indoor outdoor thermometers also provide the facility to record high and low temperatures to allow the user to work out patterns and trends in the weather, this is a great feature for those who like to be aware of how the seasons affect the environment around them.

Although many mobile phones now provide temperature and weather information, using a specifically designed device means that your results will be far more accurate and detailed than the information on a phone or Internet site.

For gardeners, meteorologists and scientists, accurate readings about the temperature and climate can be critical, so using the correct device for the job is extremely important.

Downsides of An Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Even though an indoor outdoor thermometer may be the perfect piece of apparatus for some people, it may not be necessary for everybody.

There are a range of simple outdoor only thermometers that can be simply observed by the user.

A complex, electronic temperature measuring system may be an unnecessary expense to the amateur gardener or somebody who doesn’t really need to the kind of detailed reading that these devices can offer.

Being outdoors is good for you and although technology can make life much easier, an indoor outdoor thermometer may begin to limit your exposure to sunlight and vitamin D.

After all, it’s much easier to take a look at an electrical display in your warm living room than it is to go down to the bottom of your garden and physically check on how your greenhouse, shed or vegetable patch is doing.

With so many different models on the market, some might say that there are too many features available on this type of thermometer, which can be very confusing for first time or inexperienced users.

So although there are a number of very positive reasons for purchasing an indoor outdoor thermometer, it is worth remembering that they are not without their downsides.



10. 8″ Antique Copper Finish Decorative Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer and Hygrometer

With so many indoor/outdoor thermometers on the market, it can be difficult for the first time buyer to make decision, but this unique and unusual item is in a class of its own.

If you’re looking for something with style and character, this decorative, antique copper finish thermometer has an easy to read 5.5 inch diameter dial face and a unique, artisanal feel that sets it apart from any other model on the market.

With simultaneous Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature display, this is a collectable, quirky device that would look great anywhere.

Using a durable and hard wearing steel construction and a striking, antique copper finish, this indoor/outdoor thermometer is practical and decorative.

The downsides of this product are that it is quite basic in terms of the features it offers.

It is also very ornamental and ornate, which may not be especially practical for somebody who needs a device for scientific or professional purposes.

There is no option to attach additional devices and there are a number of other products on the market that provide many more features for around the same price point.

As with all thermometers of this kind, this device can be used indoors or outdoors and will provide accurate readings in both scenarios.

With a weight of 2.6 ounces and a real glass lens, the build quality and character of this piece is what will attract most buyers.

As there is no digital display, this traditional and antique looking piece will appeal to those with an eye for the unusual or quirky.

Overall, this product works well and provides accurate readings for both indoor and outdoor settings, but its main selling point is it’s character and aesthetic.

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9. Weather Channel Thermometer, Professional Wireless Weather Station with Temperature, Humidity, Forecast, Clock and More, Indoor / Outdoor Remote Thermometer Sensor

This product is a step up from the competition and provides a cost effective and extremely professional feeling indoor and outdoor thermometer that is packed with additional features and a modern, well designed look to satisfy those who need an industry standard product.

With a multi function display that clearly and accurately displays time, weather forecasting, humidity, calendar and of course the temperature of both indoors and outdoors, this product offers a lot for the price point.

A large LCD screen displays a wide variety of data very clearly and personalised settings allow the user to switch between 12 and 24 hour time display, it also shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit, records maximum and minimum humidity and includes an additional alarm clock function, which is something that is not available on other models.

The super long battery life means that the two AA batteries for the outside sensor and the two AAA batteries for the host digital thermometer (not included) can be used continuously for at least one year.

Finally, the incredibly efficient remote sensor transmits data of outdoor temperature and humidity accurately from a distance of up to 320 feet while recording daily high and low temperatures.

The downsides of this device are that not all of the batteries that are needed are included in the original package, meaning the user will need to buy them separately.

There are also some features here that may not be necessary for everybody. The alarm clock, for example, could be considered a little gimmicky, rather than practical.

Saying that, if you are looking for a professional, digital display based indoor/outdoor thermometer that is packed with features but won’t cost the earth, this could be the product for you.




8. Ambient Weather WS-23 Big Digit 8 Channel Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer

Sometimes simplicity is best and this product has been designed with this in mind.

Unlike some of the other models on the market, this thermometer is not packed full of additional features to impress the user, but it is designed to be compact, simple and extremely effective for anybody who may need to monitor the temperature indoors and outdoors.

The size and simplicity make this ideal for garden or greenhouse use as the device adds a nice decorative touch. It could also be used to display the temperature on any verandah, porch, shed or greenhouse.

It’s low price and convenient size also make this a great gift idea. With it’s large, clear and easy to read LCD display screen that displays the current temperature and the latest minimum and maximum temperatures, this product also allows you to set the display to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The maximum and minimum temperatures are already set for you but you can also manually reset these if you need to.

The negatives when it comes to this piece of apparatus include the automatic maximum and minimum temperature setting and the plastic construction.

Although automated temperature settings can be useful at times, they do take away a sense of control from the user and aren’t always necessary, especially for those who are already familiar with how indoor outdoor thermometers work.

The plastic construction may be durable but it can look a little bit cheap when compared to some of the other models on the market.

This is a high precision and high sensitivity instrument that is very user friendly and simple to operate.

It’s weather resistant, plastic construction, clear screen and easy to read digital display shows temperatures between -58F and -158F.

For anybody looking for a reliable way to record daily temperatures, manage their greenhouse plants, this device would be perfect.

It also prevents water wastage by keeping plants at a healthy temperature and could be a great educational (and fun) tool for the kids.

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7. La Crosse Technology WS-8157U-CH-IT Atomic Clock with Outdoor Temperature and Weather Forecast

For those who are looking for both a clock and a thermometer combined, this product provides the best of both worlds.

With a clear, simple and subtle design, this looks great in a bedroom, living room, kitchen or any other room of the house.

It’s decorative cherry panels give it a touch of class and sophistication that is often lacking from some of the other digital models and the option to use this device as a wall hanging or free standing display means it is a versatile and adaptable addition to any home.

If accuracy is a concern for you, this device has you covered with it’s WWVB radio controlled time and date.

Making this model part of the best indoor outdoor thermometer, this means that the time and date are automatically updated by a time code sent by a radio signal, meaning that you don’t need to worry about setting this information yourself.

This technology also means the clock won’t gain or lose time like some older analogue models.

Some of the drawbacks of this product are the complex technology that is used to provide some of the more advanced features.

Although there is a manual included, some of the more complicated processes could be too difficult for some users to work out, meaning that this device might not be very well suited to a casual or amateur user.

The space age look can be great for those who enjoy the modern age, but this indoor outdoor thermometer doesn’t offer the same sense of decorative character that some of the other options may provide, so do consider these things before buying.

The display is clear and bold, showing the time and date, indoor and outdoor temperatures and there is also a nifty forecast icon that gives you an indication of what weather conditions will be like.

One particularly interesting feature included in this model, is that it can forecast the weather 12 to 20 hours in advance, meaning that you can compare your own forecast with the national and local weather reports to check for accuracy.

The product also comes with a manual that includes details of how to manage troubleshooting steps.




6. Ambient Weather WS-04 Wireless Thermometer with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature

This product provides a wireless solution to indoor and outdoor temperature in an extremely simple and compact format that will appeal to those who appreciate functionality over ornamental features.

With the ability to be installed outside or indeed, anywhere you require an accurate, immediate reading of the temperature, the display on the WS-04 is easy to read and simple.

Included on the remote for this model is a specifically designed mounting hole that allows you to hang the device outside or on a wall, fence or other garden structure such as a shed or kennel.

This is a nice touch that will provide piece of mind if you are prone to losing or misplacing things when you are working outside.

The simplicity of this device is the main drawback here.

Although this product does most of the things its competitors do, some people may decide that they want more features from something at this price point.

The overall look of the product is also extremely basic, meaning that it looks very practical but not especially attractive.

The thermometer transmits the outdoor temperature to the display console which is located inside.

This means you can monitor the temperature outdoors, without going outside to check in person. A great feature for those cold winter months, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Finally, this model also comes with a one year Ambient Weather Warranty as standard.

A great little addition that means you don’t have to worry about it breaking down or not working as it can be replaced if this happens in the first year.

Yet another reason why this is part of the best indoor outdoor thermometer list.

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5. Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer with Three Remote Sensors

At this level, the quality of the product starts to improve to reflect the slightly higher price point.

Although all of the models in this list are extremely good quality thermometers, this Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Thermometer is packed with additional features that will be perfect for somebody looking to upgrade to a higher specification and class.

The WS-10 includes three remote thermometer-hygrometers and five additional sensors that are displayed simultaneously for incredible accuracy.

Despite this high tech addition, the product is extremely simple to use and read but above all, it is still extremely affordable considering the quality of the product.

The display console can potentially remotely read and update an additional eight remote thermometer hygrometer sensors, which make this a great product for the serious thermometer enthusiast.

Negative points to this device are the sheer number of additional features and the price point.

You do get quite a lot for your money but something this complex wouldn’t really be needed unless you have quite a substantial area that needs to be monitored for temperature.

Like many of the more complex devices on the market, the additional features here could put some people off buying it, as it does seem very intricate and professional.

A great feature on this model is the audible and visual alarms that can be set to alert you when the temperature and humidity exceed your pre-set minimum and maximum settings.

This will obviously alleviate any problems caused by temperatures or humidity levels that are too high or too low.

Like many of the better quality models, minimum and maximum temperature and humidity are displayed and already set but these can be manually reset by the user if they feel they need to.

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4. La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature

With it’s brushed aluminum appearance and clear time, date and temperature functions, this striking atomic wall clock provides premium quality features and functionality without compromising on the aesthetic.

Though this is definitely not a decorative item, it looks great and would fit perfectly anywhere that needed thermometer to be displayed.

There are 12 moon phase icons displayed on this model and it also shows the atomic time and date.

These are not features that are present on a number of other thermometer models on the market, so could be a great selling point if you are interested in a device with additional features.

It wirelessly monitors indoor and outdoor temperature while also automatically updating to daylight saving time when it needs to.

This will save any confusion if you happen to forget to put the clocks forward or back by mistake.

The perpetual calendar also means that you can use this device for the length of it’s lifespan.

Although this is a great product, there are some drawbacks.

The brushed aluminum can get scratched or marked, meaning that the device won’t look as good as it did when it was new.

There are also some issues around the 12 moon phase icons as this might be a feature that doesn’t interest everybody, though it cannot be removed or turned off.

This model offers indoor and remote temperature readings, moon phase readings and an alarm with a snooze function.

There is also a 12 or 24 hour clock mode, time zone settings and remote transmissions of up to 330 feet.

It is radio calibrated for accuracy to within one second and has an automatic self-adjustment system so you don’t need to worry about doing this yourself.

The device takes 4 AA batteries and can be wall mounted or displayed on a tabletop. it also comes with a one year warranty for added piece of mind.

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3. AcuRite 75077 Weather Forecaster with Jumbo Display, Remote Sensor and Atomic Clock

This model is characterised by it’s enormous display.

The designers have clearly considered functionality here as the data is spaced out extremely well for easy, uncluttered reading that means you won’t be squinting or trying to decipher unclear or small readings.

The Acurite 75077 is a weather forecaster, atomic clock and remote sensor that has been designed with the user experience in mind.

The 12 to 24 hour weather forecast displays 14 different icons that will allow you to plan your day ahead in detail.

This kind of feature is quite rare and the attention to detail is what makes this product stand out and therefore qualifies as one of the best indoor outdoor thermometer.

The split second accuracy of the atomic clock means you can rely on this device being correct to the millisecond and the automatic daylight saving time updates mean you don’t need to worry about changing anything yourself.

This is quite a small device at 6.2 inches in height and 7.9 inches in width and it’s very slim 1-inch depth means it doesn’t take up too much space.

Saying that, this may be a negative for some people who appreciate a product that feels sturdy and heavy.

The build quality here is good, but the small size and very large display could put some users off as it makes the device seem quite basic, even though it does include a number of additional features.

This indoor outdoor thermometer has a wireless range of up to 330 feet or 100 meters and includes patented self calibrating forecasting that pulls data from the sensor in your backyard to give you the most accurate forecast your precise location.

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2. AcuRite 00611A3 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Sensor

With an exceptional build quality and all of the features you would expect from a premium quality indoor and outdoor thermometer, this product is one of the best available on the market.

It’s large, easy to read display allows you to examine all data without toggling between screens, pressing buttons or changing settings, meaning that you can record everything you need to know in one reading.

There is also an inspired but simple additional feature that allows you to see whether the temperature is rising or falling in the form of “trend arrows” near the remote sensor.

This is great for giving you a general overview of whether it is getting hotter or colder.

There are not many drawbacks to this product, but if you are new to the world of indoor outdoor thermometers, the display may be a little too detailed for you.

This is obviously a quality product but the high powered signal and premium price point could price some customers who are just looking for simplicity and ease of use out of the market.

Like most of the models in this price range, the Acurite 00611A3 displays accurate readings of both indoor and outdoor temperatures while also showing humidity percentages.

The display is in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and includes daily high temperatures.

One of the major features on this device is it’s incredibly strong signal penetration.

Unlike some of the cheaper models on the market, this thermometer has an enhanced 433 MHZ signal for improved accuracy and reliability when you need it the most.

Although there are very few gimmicks on this product, the build quality, clarity and usability of the display coupled with the incredible signal strength and accuracy make this one of the best products you can buy for measuring temperature.

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1. La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature

In the number one spot, we have this digital thermometer with wireless remote and clock.

The Lacrosse Technology WS-916OU-IT isn’t the most expensive or feature heavy product on the market, but it will do exactly what you need it to for an incredibly competitive price.

Like many of its higher end competitors, this device has a remote sensor that transmits from up to 330 feet.

This is a long enough range for most gardens and allotments.

It also has the ability to record daily high and low temperatures, which means you can monitor these figures if you need to.

What makes this model particularly remarkable for the price point is that it can receive weather data from up to 3 sensors for improved accuracy.

The other remotes are sold separately, but this means that you have the option to upgrade your set up if you feel this is necessary.

This is obviously a great and far more cost effective alternative to buying a whole new device.

Even though this does everything a basic, digital thermometer should do, but it does lack features such as a radio or an alarm, which could be a consideration for somebody looking for a premium model.

The basic design could be an appealing selling to point to many people and indeed, for the beginner or those who simply require a reliable device that works effectively, this is a great option.

However, for somebody who might require a decorative temperature piece with a range of interesting and unusual features, this could be considered a little basic.

There is a 12 or 24-hour time display, depending on your preference and temperatures are displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

At only 5.86 by 3.3 inches, the display receiver is compact and user friendly, rather than decorative and ornate.

The remote sensor is also designed with functionality in mind at a manageable 5 by 1.5 inches.

The outside transmitter takes two AA batteries, making this a simple and affordable option for anybody who wants to a device to measure temperature accurately with the added possibility of expanding their set up in coming years.

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Editors Choice of Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

With a price point way below some of it’s competitors and the clear, easy to use functionality of a premium product, the La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer is one of the best products you can buy for measuring temperature.

With the option of adding additional sensors if you choose to expend your set up in the future, beginners and experts can use this device alike.

The clarity, simplicity and accuracy of this thermometer makes it one of the most user friendly options on the market today.

Rather than trying to dazzle the user with additional features that they may not use, the manufacturers have focused on the most important elements of design and functionality to ensure a finished product that does exactly what it is designed for to a premium level that rivals some of the models that are double it’s price range.

Overall, the simple, sleek look and feel of this product means it is suitable for use anywhere around the house or garden.

It could be used in garages, greenhouses, basements, attics, kitchens or any other location that may require an accurate and uncomplicated display of temperature.

There are some incredible products in our top ten, but for the price, this is definitely the model to choose if you want a thermometer that won’t let you down. For more exciting reviews click here!