Top 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2022

It’s freezing cold outside and for those who can’t stop kicking around the ball, it is the time for winter soccer season. This is when you grab a pair of the best indoor soccer shoes and the competition turns to indoor courts.

For some, indoor soccer is a way to keep their skills sharp during off season while for some, it’s the preferred format.

Either ways, the fast tempo and high intensity nature of this small sided game means that your choice of footwear is vital.

Top 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Comparison Table

PhotoNameFeatureRating (1-5)Price

Nike Men's Mercurial Victory V IC Indoor Soccer ShoeTrendy Colors And Light Weight3$$

Adidas Performance Men's Ace 15.3 Indoor Soccer ShoeExcellent Breathability3$

Nike Men's Davinho Indoor Soccer ShoeExcellent In-Built Cushions3.5$$

Nike MercurialX Finale II Men's Indoor-Competition Soccer ShoeSuper-Light Weight3.5$$

Adidas Performance Men's Messi 16.3 In Soccer ShoeIncredibly Close Control3.5$$

Nike Jr. Mercurial Vapor XI IC Indoor Soccer ShoeSuper Light Weight Shoes For Kids And Also Women4$$

Adidas Performance Men's X 15.3 IN Soccer ShoeAdidas Techfit Technology4$

Adidas Performance Men's X 15.2 CT Soccer ShoeAdidas Techfit Technology And Light Weight4.5$$

Adidas Performance Men's Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer ShoeMESSITOUCH Material And MESSIGAMBETRAX For Explosive Speed4.5$$
Adidas Performance Men's Samba Classic Indoor Soccer ShoeMost Durable And Popular5$$

When playing on indoor courts, you don’t have your trusty firm grounds where you might have practiced.

This is a unique game and requires unique footwear. Much like outdoor cleats, indoor soccer shoes too have many nuances and what’s best for one player may not fit for another.

In fact, it’s not rare to see people purchase one shoe after another to find that right one and get frustrated in the process.

Are you too looking for a good pair of indoor soccer shoes? Well, there are many important variables to consider.

These include your playing style, role, body weight, level of strength, age and surface type where the game is being played.

Even the material with which these shoes are made is incredibly important. The build of shoe tongue, soles and the shoe weight- all are important. And of course, it doesn’t harm if the shoes look trendy too.

Now, before you start scratching your head in confusion, let’s make it easy for you. We talked to players, coaches, did our own research and came up with a list of 10 best indoor soccer shoes that combine performance, comfort and style.

We explored further and rounded up the best shoe that you can use to boost your on-court performance this year. This review will surely help you on your next purchase!


What Types Of Indoor Soccer Shoes Are There?

Well, the market today is flooded with options and it’s difficult to differentiate between what’s good and what’s not.

Five hundred years ago, there was only one soccer shoe fit and it was worn by King Henry VIII with pride.

Soccer shoes have come a long way since then. Now, soccer is played on so many different surfaces and accordingly, there are different shoes for each surface type:

  • Firm Ground (FG)
  • Soft Ground (SG)
  • Artificial Ground (AG)
  • Hard Ground (HG)
  • and Indoor (IN).

Since indoor soccer is played on flat indoor courts, there is only one way to go- with indoor shoes.

Though many companies have now modified their models so as to make them usable for different surface types, it’s best to stick with the shoes that say IN or IC (Indoor Court) at the end of the title.

Remember, a shoe with the right type of traction can make or break your performance and only IN or IC shoes ensure the amount of traction that’s needed on polished indoor surfaces.

Basically, the true best indoor soccer shoes are of two types: Futsal soccer shoes and artificial turf shoes.

Futsal shoes use low-profile rubber and are extremely light weight. These are excellent for traction.

On the other hand, artificial turf shoes are great for sports training and practice as they have sharp patterns or small rubber studs which increase friction and prevent injuries.

In any case, do not opt for multi-purpose cleats where the company claims that the shoe can also be used as indoor soccer shoes, unless the company is well-reputed like Adidas, Nike or Puma.

There is a huge gap between best indoor soccer shoes in terms of quality but that we will discuss later when we reveal our list of 10 best shoes for this exclusive format. So stay tuned!

Benefits of Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Many people ask this question if they can use their running shoes for soccer or any other shoe type which they find more appealing and usable.

The answer is ‘No’. It is important to understand that indoor soccer pitches are typically made of rubber granules and pile fibers in case of newer installations and a carpet-like material in older ones.

Other shoe-types do not offer good balance and stability on this artificial turf.

For instance, running shoes have large heels that force runners onto their toes to increase their speed.

They are designed to make the runner move forward and are ideal for straight ahead running on hard surfaces but not on artificial turf, especially when cutting, turning or balancing on one leg to take shots.

Also, there is a lot of confusion whether tennis shoes can be used in place of indoor soccer shoes. Both do look alike but tennis shoes have softer soles.

On the other hand, indoor soccer shoes have a gum rubber, non marking flat and firm outsole which gives more ball control and is ideal for tricks of the game.

Also, the flat sole allows closer contact with court surface and prevents ankle injuries, which is another important thing to consider.

These shoes have specially designed uppers made of synthetic and natural materials such as leather, calf skin and kangaroo skin which enable superior grip and hence, better ball control.

The heel is cemented to the upper and the tread pattern has interlocking herringbone or triangular patterns for increased traction.

Nowadays, many indoor soccer shoes are also coming with flaps which cover your shoelaces so that they do not interfere with the accuracy of your kick.

Better the brand, better will be the design, material and technologies used.

There goes a lot of science behind designing and production process and if you can get the benefit of that within your budget, then why not!

Many people say it’s not about the shoes, it’s about the player.

We agree and at the same time, we differ on this- unless you have the right tools, how can you do your job well? So yes, the pair of shoes you wear make a whole lot of difference.

Always take some time to compare the options and buy only the best indoor soccer shoes that suit you best and allow you t­­o play most effectively.

Downsides of Indoor Soccer Shoes

There isn’t really much to complain. These shoes look great and are so comfortable that many prefer them as their everyday-activity shoes.

However, there are few downsides here. Most of these shoes have zero to little cushioning which can make you feel uneasy when walking on rough surfaces or if wear them for the whole day.

Clearly, these are not meant for regular or firm fields.

Also, people with knee-problems should avoid this shoe-type because contrary to the popular belief, wearing completely flat shoes all time is not advisable by orthopedics. But there is an easy solution to this- just add a small amount of cotton or foam inside the shoe.

Alternatively, you can use shoe pads or insoles which are easily available on Amazon and major online shops. Some manufacturers are also providing built-in cushioning upon request.

So, you can easily add extra cushioning to your shoes but do consult your coach or shoe manufacturer if you intend to use this for soccer.

Adding cushioning adds to the shoe weight which can lower down your speed if the shoe is not equipped with other speed boosting technologies.

Another issue is that most indoor soccer shoes are made of synthetic material. Synthetic shoes are cheaper than leather shoes but are comparatively less comfortable and well-fitted as they do not stretch.

Also, they are thinner, less durable and offer less protection from injuries. Most of the synthetic shoes are not even perforated. So, people with sweaty feet may find them a bit uncomfortable.

Otherwise, indoor soccer shoes are great and do not even require much maintenance- unless you lose their studs which are not easily replaceable.



10. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V IC Indoor Soccer Shoe

This shoe is a fashion-favorite. At first, the designs seems so-so as there is nothing much except the glittery Nike logo at front but if you look further, you will see how the color darkens in an ombre fashion that’s very much ‘in’ nowadays.

Moreover, there are so many exciting color options to choose from.

In fact, we can all it the most colorful series as there is no other indoor soccer shoe that comes in such great variety of colors.

Talking of comfort, its synthetic leather upper is carved out in a way to allow the feet to flex more freely.

Also, the midsole is made of contoured sock liner with textile top cloth for low profile cushioning and you can comfortably wear this shoe for extended periods of time.

The mid-section of this shoe is tight enough, well fitting and with an internal cage for more enhanced lock-down.

Its full-length non-marking outsole ensures explosive traction and the good thing is that it’s stitched to the upper, not merely glued to it, which makes it more durable.

There is a lot of room in the toe box and even though synthetic materials are used, the shoe feels soft and supple like leather. The cost is quite fair enough if we look at its functionality and features.


  • Exceptional traction at all times, even when sprinting down the field.
  • Minimalistic design and bold color options.
  • Light weight and good for speed.
  • Fits well and keeps the feet in place.
  • Midsole lining gives cushioning and additional comfort all day.


  • Shoes are not true to their size. They could be a little tight width wise. Since the material is synthetic, it doesn’t stretch much, something that’s worth noting if these shoes feel tight from first wear. You will need to break-in or buy a bigger size in that case.
  • These shoes are really bright.

P.S. You might need to use sunglasses to look at them.



9. Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

Ace 15.3 is not just a regular brightly colored pair of indoor soccer shoes. The design and build is quite intelligent.

It features a synthetic upper with a striking two-color design that gives rib-like appearance and enhances the grip.

The cool patterns smoothly transition from side to side and look amazing.

The upper sole is made of soft, molded synthetic leather and the insole is made of molded foam.

The shoe tongue is kept lightly padded & perforated so that there is enough breathing space underneath the design and at the same time, user’s feet can have good control over ball without feeling constricted.

The tongue is very thin so it goes easy on your instep. The collar is also lightly padded to shield the ankle, preventing it from getting crushed upon contact with ball.

Its Total-control rubber outsole with conical studs provides excellent traction and this is a shoe that runs well even on firm ground and artificial grass.

The price is also fair enough. Mostly, these shoes are worn by athletes who play soccer on recreational basis and aren’t looking to break the bank for specialized indoor soccer shoes.


  • Excellent breathability, especially useful for people with sweaty feet or hyperhidrosis.
  • Smart placement of foam in all right places for ankle-protection.
  • Greater grip due to the rib-like insole and Adidas’s Total-control outsole with conical studs.
  • Can be used on artificial grass and firm ground as well.


  • The material is a bit too thin for durability.



8. Nike Men’s Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe

The first thing that you notice about this shoe is its muted colors.

Nike Davinho Indoor does not come in typical bright and flashy Nike colors that we are accustomed to seeing and it’s a perfect choice for those who like the traditional look of classic leather soccer shoes but aren’t willing to buy something that needs high maintenance.

The upper sole is made of synthetic leather and fabric and though the material is synthetic, this shoe will surely last you longer than a season.

The material closely resembles leather in properties and you can expect the goodness of leather shoes.

There is an EVA midsole which gives light weight cushioning. The collar is lightly padded as well.

Thus, this shoe is light, breathable and well cushioned at the heel and forefoot areas.

Its rubber outsole ensures solid multi-directional grip & traction for sharp turns, accurate passing and exceptional ball control.

It’s like a no-nonsense package… if you are lost amid the options and just want something simple and affordable, these are the best indoor soccer shoes you can choose.


  • Simple and classy design.
  • Light weight. Good for speed.
  • Exceptional grip and traction.
  • In-built cushions to keep you comfortable all day.
  • Great fit. The EVA midsole and padded collar keeps the feet in place.


  • Shoes are not true to their size and could be a little tight width-wise, which means that you should buy a bigger size.



7. Nike MercurialX Finale II Men’s Indoor-Competition Soccer Shoe

The MercurialX Finale II model is a major up gradation from Finale I and is definitely much lighter.

It uses mesh for lightness and synthetic material for water-proofing abilities. The upper sole is made of light-weight textured mesh.

It has horizontal ridges and uses NIKESKIN technology to provide optimal foot lockdown and support.

There are full-length Phylon midsoles for light, responsive cushioning and great underfoot ball feel. The collar is made of neoprene and there are concealed vents all over the material for heightened breathability.

Its non-marking tri-star rubber outsole with flex grooves is specially designed to let the foot move naturally and to allow greater traction on indoor surfaces, court and even on street. Many people even use Finale II as their running shoes.

These shoes are super light-weight and are excellent for speed. There is no shoe-tongue which gives a slim, sock-like fit, allowing you to run even faster.

For midfielders, wingers and forwards who need to be running in this fast-paced game, this is the shoe to go for. Overall, great value for money!


  • Super light shoes. Excellent for sprints.
  • Their Mesh and NIKESKIN upper is extremely soft, supple and flexible. These shoes do not take much break-in time.
  • The outsole is very thin, allowing exceptional traction and ball control.
  • Responsive cushions that can be slipped-in for all day use.
  • Cool reflective details that stand out in dim light. 


  • Very thin material to make it last long.
  • Not very sturdy and does not offer much ankle protection.

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6. Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 16.3 In Soccer Shoe

Every soccer player, professional or amateur idolizes Lionel Messi and it’s his close control that differentiates him from other footballers.

Banking on this, Adidas has used a unique MESSITOUCH material for these soccer shoes that gives players an astounding amount of close control and composure on pitch.

The synthetic upper uses AGILITY TOUCH SKIN technology and molds perfectly to feet-structure the moment a user slips-in his feet. This enables zero wear-in time, which you will surely love if you are always in hurry.

The midsole is again synthetic and keeps the feet locked in during change of direction. Its mono-tongue build provides a snug fit to help your feet flex more freely.

The MESSIGAMBETRAX outsole reduces weight and adds agility and traction on flat surfaces.

Its specialized outsole and stud configuration ensures explosive speed, making Messi 16.3 perfect for midfielders, attackers or even the ball-playing defenders.


  • Enables very close ball control.
  • Excellent for speed.
  • Snug fit and zero wear-in time.
  • The shoe has a unique narrow fit, making it very suitable for players with elongated toes.


  • If you have wide feet, these shoes may not be ideal for you as you may find them tight around your toe region.

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5. Nike Jr. Mercurial Vapor XI IC Indoor Soccer Shoe

These shoes look exactly like the ones worn by Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the 2016 European Championships.

The synthetic upper features embossed horizontal ridges which help young players develop their ball awareness and control while the low profile toe box helps them dribble and lift the ball easily.

The ultra thin microfiber synthetic leather used allows the shoe to mold according to the shape of user’s feet and gives a more locked in fit.

Inside the shoe, there is a new anti-skid top cloth that grips the foot for increased traction.

Its contoured sock-liner provides low profile cushioning for added comfort and its rubber outsole is specially crafted for multi-directional grip and traction on hard indoor surfaces.

These are light weight shoes designed for kids but can be a good choice for women too. For instance, size Y6 equals to the size 7 for women so sizing is also not an issue. It’s a good shoe for midfielders, wingers and forwards.


  • Good practice shoes for amateurs. The design can help speed up your learning curve.
  • Light weight and good for speed.
  • Low profile cushioning for added comfort, especially when a lot of time is spent on-court.
  • Excellent snug fit and suits you well if you have narrow feet.
  • Suitable for women too.


  • The material is too thin and not very durable.
  • These shoes do not offer much ankle protection.
  • If you have wide feet, you may find them a bit tight.



4. Adidas Performance Men’s X 15.3 IN Soccer Shoe

Adidas is one of the first few companies to realize that modern day soccer needs much more just being fast in a straight line.

Players like Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, Karim Benzema and Arjen Robben have used this shoe themselves and found it fantastic, especially when maneuvering in tight areas.

If you model your game around players like these, the X 15.3 should be perfect for you.

Looks-wise, the colors are pretty bold which is a new thing since Adidas is usually more conservative with color schemes and performance-wise, we think they have really nailed it.

The upper sole is made of soft, light weight mesh and a synthetic leather lining for lockdown fit, ventilation and step-in comfort.

There are tiny, tactile, micro-dimples across the entire upper surface and this is done to give you optimal control on all parts of the foot no matter what weather conditions prevail.

Also, because different players use different areas of their foot to control the ball, this feature makes this shoe apt for all. Adidas calls it NSG (Non Slip Grip) technology and it is really an improved version of the DRIBBLETEX material that Adidas used in older models.

What we really loved is its highly elastic and anatomically cut techfit collar. It sits just below the ridge of your ankle and gives you an amazing locked-in fit.

The reinforced mid-foot cage adds to stability and the non-marking rubber outsole delivers explosive speed and traction on polished courts.

Some people may call it slightly old fashioned in terms of weight as nowadays 8 oz is the standard and there are shoes that are even lighter than 6 oz but X 15.3 IN is packed with more features and functionalities, which adds to the weight in turn.


  • Trendy and bold colors which will definitely grab attention.
  • Adidas’s techfit collar that gives amazing locked-in fit.
  • Ensured breathability and ball control in all weathers.
  • Suitable for all players, no matter what the age, weight, role or playing style.
  • The material is thick and durable.
  • The material is extremely soft and supple. It takes just 2-3 days to break into and leaves no blisters.


  • Heavy weight shoes.
  • Not true to their size. You may need to order a bigger size.

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3. Adidas Performance Men’s X 15.2 CT Soccer Shoe

This is another excellent model in the Adidas X series. It uses eXoskin synthetic material which is slightly elastic, light weight and comfortable even in humid weather. The upper is kept slightly thick and this gives excellent grip on ball.

Also, there is this highly elastic techfit collar for flexible ankle support. The insoles are very thin though and there is no padding or cushioning either.

The non-marking rubber outsole ensures superior grip even on polished surfaces.

It is a lighter weight X model but retains all functionalities and features. It is comfortable, light weight and great for indoor courts and turf.

These are actually professional level shoes at quite an affordable price and the good thing is that you can also wear them outside. These shoes won’t disappoint you.


  • Adidas’s specially designed eXoskin synthetic upper for a snug, supportive fit and feel.
  • Adidas’s techfit collar that gives amazing locked-in fit.
  • The material is thick, durable, soft and it won’t take more than 3 days to break into these shoes.
  • The material is slightly elastic and it would stretch a bit after few hours. So, even if you find it too tight upon wearing these shoes for first 1-2 hours, know that they will loosen up a bit and adapt to your feet.


  • These shoes are a bit heavy if compared to various other options in market.
  • Not true to their size. Opt for a bigger size, especially if you have wide feet.
  • There is no cushioning or arch support. You may find them a bit uncomfortable for all day use. But you can add insoles to solve this problem.

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2. Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

If you are a Lionel Messi fan, you are going to love this shoe. Inspired from Messi’s playing style, Adidas uses a unique MESSITOUCH material for its Messi range soccer shoes.

It is a kind of synthetic leather with optic texture for exceptional touch and feel.

Since the Messi 15.3 upper sole is made of this very material, the shoe allows an astounding amount of close control and composure on pitch.

There is a molded mid-foot and heel piece for added stability, which is a great advantage, especially when hitting ball. The collar and the shoe-tongue are lightly padded and there is also a foam insole for cushioning.

The specialized MESSIGAMBETRAX outsole ensures excellent traction, speed and performance on polished indoor courts as well as outdoors. You can even use them as your casual shoes when not playing.

Since the rubber outsole is extremely light, it promotes easy movements and if you are an amateur who’s still learning the game, you will love it. Overall, it’s a comfortable product and compromises on nothing.


  • Super comfortable, modern and stylish design.
  • Enables incredibly close ball control.
  • MESSITOUCH material and MESSIGAMBETRAX outsole and stud configuration ensures explosive speed.
  • The material is synthetic, yet very durable.
  • The shoe takes just a couple of days to break in.
  • They fit very well and adapt to the shape of player’s feet.
  • Great for both indoors and outdoors. They are light and stable for everyday use.


  • Sizing is again a problem. If you have wide feet, it is advisable to purchase a bigger size for best possible fit.
  • Of course, it doesn’t make you play like Messi.

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1. Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

Adidas Samba Classic Indoor has been around for a very long time. Before all the new specialized indoor shoes came out, the Sambas were the indoor shoes to wear and it has stood the test of time.

Almost all long term soccer players have worn these shoes some or the other time in life and many are still using it. It’s a very sturdy shoe made of full grain leather.

Since these are leather shoes, they are better fitted than synthetic shoes. They just stretch and conform to the uniqueness of your feet, hence allowing more comfort than synthetic shoes.

Also, being leather made, it is thicker and offers more protection for your feet which is great for professional players who spend whole day practicing. It doesn’t get in the way of the game and gives better ball awareness and control, feeling as if the ball has become a part of your foot.

Looks wise, the design is very classy and though the colors are limited to black and white, it’s the first preference of Adidas fanatics. And this shoe is extremely cozy.

There is a nylon sock-lining and die-cut EVA foam insole for lightness, comfort and cushioning. The shoe tongue is a bit elongated but that’s how many Samba Classic users prefer it to be.

You can fold it and if you still want a shoe with same features and shorter tongue, you may consider another model- Adidas Stan Smith.

The non-marking gum rubber outsole ensures excellent grip for high speed and performance. They do not slip at all, not even on the most polished courts.

When sprinting past the defense to deliver a fast shot, you’ll notice how this low profile rubber allows for unhindered acceleration.

Yes, these are relatively bulky due to leather-usage but do not underestimate them when it comes to speed. This is a model worn by elite players who participate in competitions. You can never go wrong with Samba Classic Indoor.


  • Guaranteed explosive speed.
  • Classy and stylish look. Many people wear it as a fashion sneaker.
  • Cushioning for added comfort on rough surfaces.
  • The sock liner is removable and can be replaced to avoid odor.
  • These shoes are made of full grain leather, hence are much more durable than synthetic shoes.
  • These are more fitting, comfortable and protective than synthetic shoes and also allow better ball awareness & control.
  • Maintenance is very easy. They are easy to clean and they rarely get creasy.
  • Very soft leather is used. It doesn’t take much time to break into them and we can say that they are almost ready to wear straight out of the box.
  • Very comfortable and suitable for multi-purpose use.
  • Easy to put on and off, saving your time.
  • It’s a very credible model that’s suitable for all players, no matter what the age, body weight, role or playing style.


  • These are heavy weight shoes.
  • Being leather made, the shoe stretches a bit and over time, they will stretch more than desired, forcing you to buy a new pair.
  • The foot arch is narrow which makes sizing inaccurate. Choose a bigger size if you have wide feet.
  • The arch support is a bit high which may be a problem to some but a benefit to others.

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Editor’s Choice of Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

After analyzing and comparing all the options, we have one clear winner and that is Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe.

Though no pair of shoes can work magic and take place of your practice sessions, you do need a comfortable pair of shoes that allow you to give your best on the polished courts.

If your game is fantastic but your shoes are not that good, you may be at loss here. That’s why we recommend Samba Classic Indoor.

This shoe was first introduced in 2005 and is still trending and used by elite soccer players. In fact, for many, Samba Classics are synonymous with playing indoor soccer.

During our research, we across players who had been consistently using this single model for more than 20 years of their soccer career, which speaks volumes about its quality.

And not just soccer players on court, we have spotted celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Taylor Lautner wearing these shoes in their silver screen appearances.

These are really classy looking shoes with excellent feel, comfort, durability and they allow you to score, strike and pass with utmost precision and speed, without having to worry about grip.

Undoubtedly, these are the most coveted indoor soccer shoes and they are pretty affordable too. Our rating- 9.5/10…Get yourself one today to know the Samba experience!

Do you own a pair of indoor soccer shoes?

Which is your personal favorite that you would like to recommend? Share your thoughts below. We would love to know your stories and experiences.

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