Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet 2022

The freedom and excitement that comes with riding a motorcycle is something you can only truly understand when you’ve experienced it.

Being out on the open road is great, but good quality protection (such as the best motorcycle helmet) is absolutely essential and definitely not something to be taken as an afterthought.

There are a range of motorcycle helmets on the market today but choosing the right one can be difficult.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Comparison Table

PictureNameFeatureRating (1-5)Price

Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap D.O.T. 1/2 Shell Helmet Motorcycle Helmet (Dull Black/Large)Lightweight, Stylish, 3 shell sizes3$

Leather Brown Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Garman StyleDetachable 4 season ear muffle, Striking Imitation Leather, Retro Styling3$

Outlaw T-75 German Style Flat Black Half Helmet - LargeAdvanced DOT, Approved ABS Shell Design, Impact Absorbent Comfort Liner
Adjustable Nylon Chin Strap

2018 Fox Racing Youth V1 Race Helmet-Black-YMExtremely Tough and Durable Shell, Complex Airflow System, Perfect for Motocross3.5$$

Daytona Helmets Cruiser Slim Line 3/4 Shell Helmets (Dull Black, Large)Slimline, Removable Visor, Three Quarter Helmet3.5$

Vega X888 Full Face Helmet (Flat Black, Medium)One Year Warranty, Wick Dri Technology, Interchangeable attachments4$

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large) (D.O.T.-Certified)Removable interior lining, Polycarbonate ABS shell, Padded Wind Collar4$$

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet, Gloss Black, MediumLow Price, Light weight, Dual vented diffuser4.5$

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor (Large)UV Treatment protection, Noise and wind reduction technology, Free smoked visor4.5$
ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield Mp3 IntercomRider to rider intercom, Bluetooth, Incredible technology5$$$$

Safety is of the utmost importance but that doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice other important factors like style and aerodynamics.

Budget models will provide you with the essentials and most helmets on the market are subject to strict regulation to ensure all relevant road safety requirements are adhered to.

If you are willing to spend a little more, modern technology and advanced design techniques have helped manufacturers produce stylish, high quality helmets with a galaxy of extra features and options to choose from.

WIFI, bluetooth and integrated cooling technology are often standard features on some of the higher specification models (welcome to the future).

The days of bulky, heavy and unattractive helmets are long gone now and if you are prepared to shop around carefully, you can be sure that you will find the best motorcycle helmet for you.

If appearance is important to you, some manufacturers now create bespoke, retro styled helmets that have all of the authenticity of the glory days of motor biking but still adhere to today’s rigorous safety standards.

Similarly, there are an array of modern and futuristic designs to satisfy those with more current taste.

Optional extras are by and a large a standard feature in the majority of motorcycle helmets these days.

Removable components such as cheek pads and liners mean the days of getting used to less than fresh smelling head gear are well and truly a thing of the distant past.

Modern motor biking is safety conscious, technologically savvy and still the most fun you can have on the road on two wheels.

Helmets that respond to the weather, reflect glare in a way that doesn’t dazzle other motorists and even have inbuilt speaker systems.

That way you can create a soundtrack to your ride are all available for far less than you might think.

So weather you’re heading out on an adventure, or just making the morning commute a little bit more interesting, take a look at our top ten list of the best motorcycle helmets.

What Types Of Motorcycle Helmet Are There?

These days there are more types of motorcycle helmet available than ever before. Whether you want something cheap, practical and simple or something with advanced technology and futuristic style, you can be certain that there will be something on the market that is perfect for you.

From half shell, low profile, retro styled budget helmets to full face, Wi-Fi enabled, weather activated head gear. The range of protection that is now available for the avid motorcyclist or the beginner biker is larger than ever before.

At the lower end of the price range you will find all the safety, functionality and protection you will need, but it goes without saying that you will have to sacrifice a few luxury extras at this level.

Saying that, there are some extremely stylish models on the market, especially for those who appreciate retro styling and simple, durable quality.

At the higher end of the market, the sky is the limit. With interchangeable visors, breathable membranes and technologically advanced ventilation systems that allow for maximum airflow when wearing.

Manufacturers are now subject to the most rigorous and intensive safety regulations in history.

This means that all products made for use on the road must be tested, assessed and approved to make sure they are of the best quality possible.

Peace of mind no longer costs a fortune so make sure that you protect yourself and find the best motorcycle helmet for you.

Benefits of Best Motorcycle Helmet

It’s illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet in most countries around the world and you can never put a price on your own safety.

Buying an up to date, properly tested and approved motorcycle helmet these years, means that you can guarantee your head gear meets all of modern safety standards.

Like anything, even the best motorcycle helmet can deteriorate over time. Therefore making sure that you keep yours up to date will help you to avoid unnecessary injury, penalties or fines.

Now that there are so many different types of motorcycle helmet available, you can find something that is right for you, no matter what your taste and budget may be.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DAB radios are often built in to some of the higher end helmets, meaning you can listen to whatever you like as you set off on your journey.

Don’t be overwhelmed if this all sounds like too much for you, though.

There are still an array of simple, functional and practical helmets available for a very low price that will provide you with all of the safety and security you need when out on your bike.

So whether style is your number one concern or you like to customize and change parts of your motorcycle head gear, there are very few reasons not to buy a new helmet in this day and age.

Negatives of Motorcycle Helmets

The old saying, if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it can be true in so many situations and motorcycle helmets are no exception.

If you have bought a helmet in the last three years or so, you may feel like you don’t need to upgrade for a while.

Indeed, as long as your head gear meets the current safety regulations and provides you with exactly what you need in terms of protection and reliability, you could argue that there is no need to spend any more money right away.

Not everybody appreciates having internet ready technology in every aspect of their lives.

If you are one of the few remaining people who enjoy going “off grid” you may well be happy with your trusty old helmet that doesn’t have 25 different radio stations or interchangeable, weather resistant visors.

This decision is something that only you can make. And if you feel as if your current protective head gear serves its purpose, then buying a brand new piece of kit for its own sake would not be advisable at all.

There are very few negatives to motorcycle helmets as they are designed to keep us safe and dry.

But like any major purchase, you need to be sure that you definitely need to part with your hard earned cash before taking the plunge.



10. Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap D.O.T. 1/2 Shell Helmet Motorcycle Helmet (Dull Black/Large)

In our number ten spot, we have something for those who appreciate quirky, individual style as well as safety.

This skull cap style, half shell helmet comes with three different shell sizes to ensure that you get the most proportionate fit for your head.

The manufacturers claim this is one of the smallest D.O.T half shell helmets ever made, so if size and bulkiness is a big consideration for you as a customer, you might like to consider the Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap D.O.T as an option.

Lined with a special moisture wicking fabric, this protective helmet should keep your head cooler and more comfortable than a fuller, bulkier helmet.

As one of the best motorcycle helmets on the market for riders who like to travel fast and light, this stylish half shell head protector comes with a D ring retention system. This is to ensure a secure fit around the wearer’s head and face.

It also features striking, nickel plated rolled tubular steel rivets that give the black finished, soft touch helmet a rugged but dynamic appearance.

Offered in three different shell sizes to accommodate for customers of different body shapes and sizes, this helmet may be a little basic and a little small for some bikers.

But if you prefer a low profile, light weight helmet, especially in the summer months, this cleverly designed and stylish piece of head gear could be for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • 3 shell sizes


  • Low profile design may be too small for some riders




9. Leather Brown Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Garman Style Half Helmets Motorcycle Biker Cruiser Scooter Touring Helmet

This unusual but incredibly striking, brown colored imitation leather helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmets on the market for those who want something a little bit different.

Using a high grade fabric and ABS material to ensure it can withstand forceful impact, this quirky piece of motorcycle flare is both safe and uniquely stylish.

Winter months won’t be a problem for you in this helmet as the ear muffle and goggle combination means you can stay warm and see the road ahead clearly.

Included with a helmet is a chin strap and cleverly designed buckle that only needs one touch to be fastened. This feature is a nice little time saver that shows the manufacturers have the rider in mind.

Obviously those who prefer a full face helmet will find this a little bit sparse and the styling will definitely not be for everybody.

Especially those who prefer to give their image a more modern look. However, the high grade fabric and well designed shape will definitely appeal to the price conscious but stylish bike enthusiast.

As it is only offered in one size meaning this may not be the best motorcycle helmet for larger or smaller road users.

Nevertheless, the manufacturers do recommend that you measure your head and include this information in your order to obtain the best fitting.


  • Detachable 4 season ear muffle
  • Striking Imitation Leather
  • Retro Styling


  • Not ideal for all weathers




8. Outlaw T-75 German Style Flat Black Half Helmet – Large

Staying on the retro German theme, our number eight spot has been awarded to the Outlaw T-75 German Style Flat Black Half Helmet.

This is a very light weight piece of kit that is well designed and sleek. Though it is far less chunky than the vast majority of standard helmets that have a similar half head covering design, it still provides great protection.

With it’s lightweight ABS shell and impact absorbent liner, this is one of the best motorcycle helmets for those who value quirky style as well as safety.

Weighing in at around 2.30 pounds (or 1.04KG) for small to medium size fitting, this lightweight, low profile accessory comes with the distinctive Outlaw logo on the back.

Additionally it has an impact absorbent lining inside the shell of the helmet in order to provide a little more comfort for the wearer.

Low profile helmets can be fantastic in the warmer months. Bikers who live in colder climates may find the feeling of a sub zero wind a little too bracing for comfort.

So do consider this before making a purchase. Overall, this German style half shell piece is a solid helmet, especially for the classic rocker style biker.


  • Advanced DOT Approved ABS Shell Design
  • Impact Absorbent Comfort Liner
  • Adjustable Nylon Chin Strap


  • Outlaw logo may be a little bold for some riders.




7. Fox Racing Race Youth V1 Motocross Motorcycle Helmet – Black / Medium

Bring things back up to date at number seven is the Fox Racing Youth V1 Motorcross Motorcycle Helmet.

This is definitely one of the best motorcycle helmets for bikers who like to off road and take things up to a different level.

Half shell helmets can be great to keep you cool and save weight, but they won’t offer you much protection against a face full of dust or mud.

Scrambler, racers and motorcross bikers will be familiar with the complex air flow systems that are used in helmets today, so it will come as no surprise that this model features a very modern mechanism to ensure maximum flow within the shell.

Comprising of nine intakes and four exhaust vents, the Fox V1 Motocross helmet is custom designed to withstand the kind of punishment that only off road and track racing can dish out.

Safety is obviously one of the most paramount concerns for bikers who take their wheels off road or in to a potentially dangerous racing scenario.

But this has obviously been taken in to consideration by the manufacturers.

The solid, injection moulded polycarbonate shell provides piece of mind and robust skull protection.

Users who prefer something a little more subtle or lightweight may well find this helmet is a bit too restrictive.

But as the name suggests, this well made piece of kit has been designed with a very specific type of biker in mind.


  • Extremely Tough and Durable Shell
  • Complex Airflow System
  • Perfect for Motocross


  • Could be too complex and specific for casual riders




6. Daytona Helmets Cruiser Slim Line 3/4 Shell Helmets (Dull Black, Large) with Head Wrap and Draw String Bag

At number six is a helmet that provides a happy medium between the super light, low profile half shell style head gear on the market and the heavier, bulkier options.

A three quarter helmet provides more protection than a smaller version but won’t weight you down as much as a traditional, full faced or visor fronted product.

Available in a range of sizes from small to extra large, the Daytona slim line motorcycle helmet comes with a removable visor.

This allows you to feel a little cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter.

It also includes moisture wicking fabric as a lining to ensure excess liquid inside the shell is not a problem.

Sold as one of the smallest D.O.T three quarter helmets ever made, this product is one of the best motorcycle helmets available for riders who want to strike a balance between the solid weight and piece of mind that a full face covering can offer and the freedom and versatility of a low profile option.

Included in this package is a draw string bag in which the helmet can be carried.

This could be a good option for commuters who have limited space in their work space as it could be safely stored in a locker or hung on a coat hook.

Though not as stylish or technologically advanced as some of the models on our list, this product still provides good protection and a middle ground between the much smaller half shell style helmet and the much larger full face version.


  • Slimline
  • Removable Visor
  • Three Quarter Helmet


  • Very simple and straightforward

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5. Vega X888 Full Face Helmet (Flat Black, Medium)

As one of the best motorcycle helmet out there for those who like a full face design, the Vega X888 is a competitively priced, entry level product that provides a few additional extras alongside the standard, protective features.

With nine different shield attachment options available, you can choose between mirrored, tinted, anti fog and more.

Unfortunately, these additional extras are sold separately, meaning that the relatively low price for a helmet of this type is somewhat negated by the high probability of needing to spend more on a range of extras.

On the plus side, the helmet is covered by a one year manufacturer warranty and as you might expect at this level, the inner liner is of an exceptional quality.

Specially designed wick-dri technology and anti microbial fabric provide an extremely comfortable experience for the wearer.

The Vega adheres to or exceeds the US DOT standard FMVSS218, meaning that you have solid reassurance that safety has been taken care of.

Available in a range of sizes, this is a competitively priced full face helmet with a range of additional extras. Cheek and rear air vents, plus the range of separate attachments mean that you can have total control of the airflow through the helmet.

You can even change the style of air flow you according to the time of year, weather conditions or your mood.

As an entry level model, this product provides some great features but do be aware of the cost of the additional extras if you choose to start upgrading.


  • One Year Warranty
  • Wick Dri Technology
  • Interchangeable attachments


  • Attachments sold separately




4. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large) (D.O.T.-Certified)

At number four, the Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Street Helmet is one of the best helmets, for those who are looking for build quality and great additional features.

With an impressive five year warranty as standard, the manufacturers are clearly confident about the quality of this great all round helmet.

Additional features, many of which can not be found on cheaper helmets, the Bell Qualifier Adult Full Face Street Helmet is a solid, well constructed piece of kit.

Experienced bikers or just those who appreciate quality and safety will be happy to invest in.

Nutra Fog anti fog technology improves visibility during adverse conditions considerably and the anti scratch, UV protected shield provides extra resistance to the sometimes unforgiving elements.

If noise is a consideration for you, the padded wind collar has been designed to significantly reduce outside noise. While doing so it also provides that little bit of extra insulation that you might need on a cold Monday morning.

Like the majority of the higher end models, this helmet comes with a removable and washable interior so you can keep everything smelling fresh.

It also has integrated speaker pockets if you like a little music when you’re on the move.

The click release shield means you can swap things around without having to use tools and the lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell offers a great standard of protection.


  • Removable interior lining
  • Polycarbonate ABS shell
  • Padded Wind Collar


  • Could be a little too bulky for some users

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3. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet, Gloss Black, Medium

One of the key features of our number three product is the duel vented diffuser which provides maximum airflow while wearing.

Ventilation is an extremely important feature for many riders and Fuel Helmets have made this one of their leading features to reflect that fact.

Saving time and simplicity are also great selling points here. The quick release shield and removable cheek pads make basic maintenance and cleaning a hassle free, straightforward process.

With a very low price point considering this is a full sized, full face helmet.

If you are looking for a safe, simple and effective helmet that won’t leave your bank balance empty, the Fuel SH-FF0015 could be one of the best motorcycle helmet to consider.

At this price point, the lack of additional options and extras is understandable. However, if you like an array of gadgets, interchangeable components or adjustable mechanisms at your disposal, this helmet is probably not for you.

The manufacturers have focused on simplicity and safety here.

Using a black gloss finish on the light weight thermoplastic shell to create a slick, professional finish that won’t turn many heads.

But will definitely protect them from the elements as well as unwanted injuries.

If you are willing to spend a little more, you could get a great deal more in terms of features and custom styling.

However, if you are on a tight budget and you need something that’s going to do the job well with no fuss, this is a great option.


  • Low Price
  • Light weight
  • Dual vented diffuser


  • Lack of additional open extras

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2. Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor (Large)

In our number two spot, with a range of attractive and practical features, the Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet from IV2 is a heavyweight contender.

With streamlining and wind noise reduction technology, this helmet also provides plenty of airflow using the built in ventilation system.

Lined with a sweat absorbing material and removable cheek pads, this is a lightweight protective helmet. It has an abs composite shell and an impact absorbing EPS inner liner.

A great little added extra with this package is the free smoke effect visor that can be easily changed with the standard clear one that is already fitted.

The visor mechanism features a quick release action as a time saving and safety feature. Considering that, you can say goodbye to wrestling with cumbersome mechanisms with cold fingers on a frosty January morning.

The thermoplastic shell is incredibly light but also very strong, providing a good combination of practicality and safety.

As standard, all helmets come DOT approved and include an extra coating of clear UV treatment paint.

So with protection from the sun, rain, sleet and snow, you can be sure this well made and well rounded helmet can withstand almost any weather condition.

Though there are very few negatives to mention when it comes to this piece of kit, the price and the size may put off some. Those riders who only take their bikes out occasionally and would probably prefer not to spend a great deal on their head gear.


  • UV Treatment protection
  • Noise and wind reduction technology
  • Free smoked visor


  • More expensive than some of the budget models




1. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield Mp3 Intercom (XL, MATTE BLACK)

In our number one spot we have, in our opinion, the best motorcycle helmet available on the market in.

Bluetooth 2.0 technology, unassailable safety standards and the protection of a full face, full sized helmet are just a few of the great features available from ILM’s product.

With a range of sizes available and a list of future friendly features that make this an investment rather than a quick and cheap option. This helmet has been designed with the modern motorbike user in firmly in mind.

For this price, it would be extremely difficult to find another motorcycle helmet on the market, that will offer as much of a well rounded and comprehensive sense of protection and great little extras.

Even without the additional technology features, this helmet is a great buy as a basic, functional and very well made piece of kit.

It has a ventilation system to prevent overheating and moisture, a lightweight, ABS composite shell. This is to ensure long journeys don’t become a chore due to excess weight.

The EBS impact absorbing inner liner is complimented by another “sweat absorbing” liner and removable, washable cheek pads. That way you can avoid unwanted odor and wetness.

In addition to this, the streamlining on the outer shell is specifically designed to reduce wind noise. Clearly a great feature for when you’re listening to music via any bluetooth compatible mp3 player.

Once it’s charged, this helmet also provides up to 8 hours talk time and a massive 110 hours of standby time.

This feature will be a deal breaker for those who prefer not having to pull over just to make a quick call when they’re out and about. Especially in the middle of those dreaded traffic jams.

GPS voice commands, rider to rider intercom and a galaxy of other incredible features put this extremely impressive piece of kit in our number one spot for good reason.


  • Rider to rider intercom
  • Bluetooth
  • Incredible technology


  • Higher price
  • May be too complex for casual riders.

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Editors Choice Of Best Motorcycle Helmet:

Our choice of the best motorcycle helmet wasn’t difficult this time around as the quality and versatility of the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle HelmetĀ is totally unrivalled by any of the other helmets in our list.

Although you most certainly have to pay a little bit extra for this head gear, the build quality, endless list of additional features and incredible design make this an absolute must for the serious motorbike user.

Using bluetooth technology and integrated mobile phone software, this helmet allows you to communicate on the move effectively.

You can also speak to other riders using the built in rider to rider intercom which comes as standard.

This is definitely not just a novelty item, though, as all safety standards have been met and exceeded to ensure you can set out on any of your journeys with piece of mind and confidence.

Ventilation technology means you can control the temperature of your helmet and using any bluetooth compatible device such as a smart phone is a snap, even for the most technologically challenged among us.

As with all full face helmets, you also get that sense of total protection that a half shell or even three quarter version may not provide.

This is a very personal decision, but if you are looking for all over head protection, there is no better option.

Although the price does reflect the quality, seeing this helmet as a long term investment will mean that you can guarantee you have the very best piece of equipment on the market.

Consequently you feel as safe and secure as you in terms of both road safety and up to date technology.

With so many cheaper versions around, especially those that require the user to make additional purchases to secure add ons or attachments, it would make the most sense to aim for a high quality.

Choosing a premium product in the first place can help avoid parting with more cash than you need to in the long term.

If you enjoyed this review, please make sure to keep looking around as we constantly bring out new reviews in all sorts of categories.